Pentiment – How to Get into the Secret Library

On the first day, you can learn about some of the secrets that exist between Tassing and the historic abbey in Pentiment, one of which is the secret library. We’ll show you how to get into this library in this article.

How to Get into the Secret Library in Pentiment

Anders starts his day at the scriptorium, but when the other brothers leave for lunch, he stays behind to finish his masterpiece. He notices Brother Ferenc acting suspiciously, but the conversation with Sister Illuminata is what matters now.

When speaking with the good Sister, she’ll hint that thefre is a way into the library, as numerous passages wind their way through the abbey. But where is this passage, and can you enter it? The answer is yes, and you’ve probably already passed it on your way to the scriptorium.

Exit the scriptorium and enter the Old Bailey. Return to the church from here. The church serves as a hub for several unique locations, but head to the crypt beside the tower. This short hall is lined with tombstones, and it is here that the monks and sisters buried in the garden will eventually be relocated.Pentiment Secret Library  Continue to the far end of the dimly lit corridor, past the painting of Abbot Dietrich. A carved marble relief of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus is on display. You’ll notice in Baby Jesus’ hand is a large key. When you click on it, you’ll gain access to the secret library and the achievement Cryptic Solutions.You won’t be able to navigate the passage just yet, but Anders will notice that it leads to the library. This is how the sisters can move through the church without being noticed by the brothers. This secret passage is the abbey’s most obvious secret, but how many more are there?

That’s all there is to it. That’s how you’ll get to the secret library in Pentiment to look for important details and progress the story.