Pentiment Guide – How to solve the first and second murders

Check out this article to learn how to solve the first and second murders in Pentiment. This guide contains spoilers, so please be aware.

How to solve the first murder in Pentiment – Baron Lorenz of RothvogelHow to solve murders Pentiment 1

In addition to the elderly Brother Piero, there are four other people of interest in the first murder investigation:

  • Lucky Steinauer (north of the town commons next to the bakery)
  • Ottila Kemperyn (the southernmost house in the eastern section of farms)
  • Sister Matilda (the convent to the left of Kiersau Abbey)
  • Prior Ferenc (Kiersau Abbey scriptorium)

You’ve been given a couple of days to look for evidence. Due to the nature of the daily cycle, you may not be able to speak with everyone involved. Even so, some character backgrounds may provide hints, though they are not strictly required.


While one of the priests is performing an autopsy, he will tell you to return to the abbey. You can find out the following:

  • Lorenz had syphilis.
  • He died as a result of blunt force trauma after a hard object smashed the back of his skull.
  • Stay hidden when another NPC appears.

Prior Ferenc

  • Earlier in the chapter, you’ll see Ferenc holding an odd-looking disc, and he seems to have hidden a book.
  • Andreas discovers that the book contains occult spells. You’ll also find a letter addressed to the baron.
  • If you confront Ferenc about this, he will deny any involvement, but you can tell that Ferenc was attempting to assist the baron in curing the disease.
  • Unfortunately, this was a dead end for me because he didn’t reveal anything else.

Ottila Kemperyn

  • Be courteous and agree to assist her with her chores. This will last one “work session” for that day.
  • You can persuade her that the baron abused her husband, and she despises the despicable nobleman.
  • She admits she did not murder the baron, but she is unconcerned about facing death.

Lucky Steinauer

  • Lucky doesn’t want to talk to you, but you can follow him around.
  • When you reach the Order of the Labyrinth, he’ll mention something about the abbey’s crypts.
  • While hiding inside a tree trunk in the forest, press the correct buttons to shoo the bugs away and keep Andreas from being discovered.
  • Lucky will leave flowers on a grave, and you can read the killer’s note there as well.
  • When it’s time to eat, enter Lucky’s house. Accept his invitation to dinner with his family. When positive options are presented, select them.
  • Speak with Helena, Lucky’s wife. If you have a positive attitude and a background in medicine, she will tell you the truth.
  • The baron slept with the couple’s other daughter before abandoning her. She drank an abortifacient, which had a negative effect on her. Regardless, she and the child she was carrying died.

Sister Matilda

  • Look for a bloody shovel in the convent’s garden plot. Matilda will tell you that she used it to kill rabbits.
  • Talk to the abbess, who notes that the baron “harmed” one of the sisters during a previous visit.
  • Enter the abbey church at night and descend to the crypt.
  • Go all the way to the right and press the key on the Mary and Jesus sculpture. This will reveal a secret path to the library.
  • Make your way to the top floor and click on the highlighted date under the entry for Sister Matilda. You’ll learn that Matilda was “sent away” at that time.
  • Go to the top floor and click on the date that is marked under Sister Matilda’s entry and you’ll know that Matilda was “put away” at that time.
  • You’ll see Mathieu and one of the other priests join in as you leave. You can hide and wait it out, but you won’t be able to control Andreas until the morning.
  • Sister Zdena will spot you once you regain control of Andreas. You can choose to flirt and then some. In the next act, you’ll find out if this tryst was fruitful.
  • When you confront Sister Matilda, she will admit that the baron raped her.
  • Brother Wojslav and Mother Cecilia both warn you from telling anyone what happened to Sister Matilda since it will ruin her reputation.

Conclusion and resultsHow to solve murders Pentiment 2I told the archdeacon everything I knew about Ottila Kemperyn, what happened to Lucky’s daughter and her unborn child, and how Prior Ferenc dabbled in the occult arts without telling him about Sister Matilda’s ordeal.

Note: As an aside, try to be courteous when speaking with the archdeacon. You might be able to persuade the archdeacon by pointing out who the murderer is.

In any case, the above responses about the suspects produced the following results:

  • Brother Piero has been cleared.
  • Ottila was hanged by the garrote.
  • Lucky’s wife is angry that you revealed information about her husband.
  • Prior Ferenc is offended by what Andreas said about him, but he has also learned to forgive.
  • Sister Matilda and Brother Wojslav appear to have abandoned their sacred vows. When you reach the game’s final act, they’re happily married.

How to solve the second murder in Pentiment – Otto Zimmerman

In this second murder, you have fewer than a few days to find the evidence. The entire endeavor will lead you to two people of interest.

  • Martin Bauer (eastern farmlands where Ottila’s house is located)
  • Hanna Berger (Golden Hand Inn)

Martin Bauer

  • Pay a visit to the Golden Hand and get everyone a drink. Respect Otto and try to get along with everyone.
    • Josua and his family – Make jokes about how kids make him curse and share information about how you’re trying to solve a murder.
    • Werner – Don’t bother expressing your thoughts on Pliny’s works. Tell Werner’s friends (twice) about his role in locating Otto’s body.
    • Werner will tell you that Otto used to have a scar when he was younger, but it has since entirely disappeared.
    • Speak with Josua again after the inn brawl. He’ll confide that Martin resembles a completely different guy he met in another town.
  • Go to the Bauer’s farm to the left. The NPCs there will tell you that Martin appears to be an impostor.
  • Go to the Bauer’s farm to the right. Speak with Martin’s mother and wife.
  • Finally, speak with Martin. If you have enough evidence, you might be able to convince him that he is an impostor. He is attempting to reform as a result of his past mistakes, but he wishes to conceal his true identity.

Hanna Berger

  • Speak with Sister Gertrude at the convent. Tell her about the flowers.
  • In the morning, visit the Shrine of Saint Satia in the woods. A path can be found to the right of the screen.
  • Andreas and his apprentice, Caspar, fall into a pit that leads to an ancient Roman aqueduct system.
  • Continue down the tunnel until you reach the second opening. Caspar can scale the wall and grab a fireplace poker. This object can be used to move the rocks that are blocking Andreas’ path in the previous chamber.
  • When you exit, you’ll hear Hanna and Lenhardt, the miller, arguing. They are having an adulterous affair. Hanna admits she wants Otto dead, but Lenhardt knows she isn’t the murderer.
  • North of the labyrinth church, you can visit Lenhardt’s mill. Join his family for dinner and agree to go hunting. He’ll tell you that he has suspicions about Martin and that he despises the peasantry.

Conclusion and results

By the end of the second day, you’ll be able to accuse someone of the crime:

  • Martin Bauer – It’s possible that Otto knew who he really was. It’s also possible that Martin wanted to silence him permanently.
  • Hanna Bergman – She did want Otto removed from the equation so that the shrine could be preserved. This ensures that pilgrims visit Tassing and, of course, their inn.

Note: Andreas will tell Caspar to leave town due to the chaos. However, because we’ve been so nice to him the entire time, this attempt failed. Caspar’s fate is also sealed.

Regardless of who you accuse, Lenhardt will appear and declare that person is under his protection. The peasant mob, in any case, advances to the mill. Things worsen, and both Lenhardt and the person you accused perish in a fire. It doesn’t stop there, as the mob proceeds to the abbey. They agree to dismiss the abbot and priests. Nonetheless, Peter decides to torch the library. Andreas flees inside, terrified at the prospect of losing all of his knowledge.

That brings us to the end of our guide on how to solve the first and second murders in Pentiment.