Palworld Reindrix Guide: Stats, Drops, Breeding Combinations & How to Get

Dreaming of adding the majestic Reindrix to your Palworld team? This guide chills out all the details, from its frosty habitat to fiery strategies for catching and breeding.

Palworld Reindrix Guide

Stats & Drops

  • Paldex Number: 59
  • Element: Ice
  • Partner Skill: Cool Body (reduces damage from Fire-type attacks)
  • Work Suitability: Lumbering (great for chopping wood) and Cooling (effective in hot environments)
  • Drops: Reindrix Vension (valuable food item), Ice Organ (crafting material), Horn (crafting material), and Leather (crafting material)

Palworld Reindrix

How to Get


As an Ice-type Pal, Reindrix thrives in the coldest corners of Palworld. Two prime locations for your hunt are:

  • Near the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance: Brace yourself for the biting winds!
  • Southern end of the Astral Mountains: Pack your warmest gear and prepare for a chilly climb.

Remember, both areas are freezing, so equip cold-resistant armor and bring plenty of restorative items to stay warm and healthy.

Once you encounter Reindrix, prepare for battle! Its Ice-type nature makes it vulnerable to Fire-type attacks. Unleash your fiercest Ragnahawks or Bushi to exploit this weakness and bring Reindrix’s health down.

When its defenses are low, it’s time to capture! The Giga Sphere offers the highest catch rate, but any Pal Sphere can do the trick with the right amount of luck and strategy.


Prefer to stay cozy at your base? No problem! Reindrix hatches from Large Frozen Eggs, so keep them chilled for faster incubation. Here are some winning breeding combinations:

  • Celaray + Melpaca
  • Penking + Gumoss
  • Fuack + Mossanda/Nitewing
  • Celaray + Dumud
  • Penking + Daedream
  • Tocotoco + Nitewing

Breeding Combinations

Reindrix isn’t just a trophy; it’s a gateway to powerful hybrids. Combine it with other Pals to create formidable companions:

  • Kingpaca + Reindrix = Kingpaca Cryst (Ice/Steel)
  • Penking + Reindrix = Katress (Ice/Dark)
  • Fuddler + Reindrix = Vaelet (Ice/Ghost)
  • Mossanda + Reindrix = Vanwyrm (Ice/Poison)
  • Rooby + Reindrix = Robinquill (Ice/Flying)
  • Lifmunk + Reindrix = Rooby (Ice/Normal)

With this comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to track down Reindrix and unlock its full potential in Palworld. So, grab your warmest scarf, pack your Pal Spheres, and prepare to embark on a frosty adventure! Remember, the thrill of the hunt and the joy of discovery await!