Palworld Menasting: Stats, Skills, Breeding Combinations & How to Catch

The Palpagos Islands teem with powerful Pals, but few offer the unique blend of offense and defense like Menasting. Let’s explore what makes Menasting a valuable addition to your team.

Stats & Skills

  • HP: 100
  • Defense: 130 (impressive!)
  • Melee: 100
  • Attack: 100
  • Food: 7

Menasting Palworld

Menasting’s true strength lies in its unique skills:

  • Steel Scorpion: This passive partner skill boosts your defense and increases loot from Electric-type enemies.
  • Rock Lance: Unleashes a devastating rock spear from the ground.
  • Nightmare Ball: Hurls a shadowy orb at foes, dealing significant damage.
  • Stone Cannon: Launches a massive boulder, crushing your opponents.
  • Lumbering Level 2 and Mining Level 3: These work suitabilities make Menasting a valuable asset throughout your Palworld journey.

How to Catch Menasting in Palworld

Thankfully, encountering Menasting isn’t a daunting task. They reside in the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary, accessible during both day and night.

However, be prepared for a challenge! Here’s what you need:

  • Water Transportation: Pack a water-type Pal like Surfent or a flying companion like Faleris to navigate the seas.
  • Level Up: Menacing and other sanctuary Pals tend to be higher-tier, so having a trainer level of at least 40 is recommended.
  • Prepare for Combat: Expect encounters with PIDF soldiers. Equip your best weapons and armor, and consider bringing Dragon or Grass-type Pals like Relaxaurus or Orserk, as Menacing has weaknesses to these types.

Alternatively, hunt the Level 44 Unstoppable Stinger Menasting in the Dessicated Mineshaft (Northernmost desert). Fast travel to the PIDF Tower Entrance and head south towards the mineshaft (515, 94). Capture or defeat these Alpha Pals for Venom Glands and Coal rewards.

Breeding Combinations

Menasting can be bred through various combinations, offering exciting options for your team:

  • Cryolinx + Pyrin
  • Paladius + Mossanda
  • Penking + Blazamut
  • Necromus + Mossanda
  • Paladius + Nitewing
  • Blazamut + Cinnamon
  • Mossanda + Shadowbeak
  • Cryolinx + Menasting = Helzephyr
  • Mossanda + Menasting = Warsect
  • Elizabee + Menasting = Mammorest
  • Lyleen + Menasting = Lyleen Noct
  • Penking + Menasting = Ragnahawk

Menasting is more than just a fearsome foe; it’s a valuable asset for any Palworld team. Its offensive power, defensive capabilities, and breeding potential make it a versatile companion on your Pal-taming adventures. So, why not add this formidable creature to your roster and experience its might firsthand?