Palworld Gets a Patch: Sleeping Pals Can Wake Up, Save Files Fixed, and More!

Pocketpair has released a new patch for Palworld, the creature collector RPG with some, shall we say, unique mechanics. This update addresses several key issues, including:

Palworld Gets a Patch: Sleeping Pals Can Wake Up, Save Files Fixed, and More!

Sleepy Pals No More

Ever put your favorite Pal in the breeding farm only to find them perpetually napping? Fear not! This patch fixes an issue where manually assigned Pals wouldn’t wake up from their slumber in breeding farms. So, go ahead, give your sleepyhead a kiss goodnight and expect them to rise and shine in the morning (or whenever Pals wake up, we don’t judge).

palworld sleeping pals

Saved by the Patch

Remember that pesky crash that corrupted save files with over 7,000 captured Pals? It’s gone! This patch builds upon the previous fix by allowing even previously corrupted save files to load properly. Now, you can keep catching those cute (or terrifying) creatures without worrying about save data nightmares.

Multiplayer Mayhem Fixed

Did someone say “grenade gremlins”? A previous issue caused other players’ equipped weapons to vanish when throwing a grenade in multiplayer. No more disappearing acts! This patch ensures everyone’s arsenal stays visible, even through explosive encounters.

Lifmunk Lies No More

Turns out, those Lifmunk Effigies weren’t actually boosting your capture rates as advertised. An internal bug prevented the displayed capture probability from increasing despite strengthened capture power. This patch fixes that, so your capture attempts should be more fruitful (just remember, ethics are still a thing in Palworld).

Base Building Boosts

This patch brings some love to base building too. No more wondering where all the wood went after your Pals chop down trees – the wood drops are fixed!

Cheaters Beware

Pocketpair is cracking down on some cheats and exploits, ensuring a fairer and more balanced gameplay experience for everyone.

For a complete list of fixes and changes, check out the official Palworld patch notes for v0.1.4.1.

So, Palworld trainers, rejoice! With these fixes, you can get back to collecting, breeding, and exploring the world with your Pals, knowing your progress is safe and your gameplay experience is fair. Just remember, with great power (and capture rate increases) comes great responsibility… use them wisely!