Palworld Shields: How to Make, Use and Repair

Shields in Palworld are your lifeline in the harsh wilderness. Today, we’ll dive deep into mastering this defensive tool, covering everything from crafting to using it effectively. Buckle up, Pal tamers!

How to Craft Shields in Palworld

Your journey into shield-wielding glory starts with the Common Shield, unlocked at level 4. As you level up and your thirst for tougher opponents grows, you can unlock more powerful shields. At level 43, the Hyper Shield awaits, boasting the highest durability in the game.

Palworld Shields

But wait, there’s more! To unlock even sturdier shields later on, you’ll need to upgrade to the High Quality Workbench and gather precious Ancient Civilization Parts.

Here’s a quick rundown of all craftable shields and their components:

Shield Level Workbench Components
Common Shield 4 Primitive Fiber x10, Wood x20, Stone x20, Paldium Fragment x10
Mega Shield 16 High Quality Ancient Civilization Parts x5, Paldium Fragment x30
Giga Shield 28 High Quality Ancient Civilization Parts x15, Paldium Fragment x50
Hyper Shield 43 High Quality Ancient Civilization Parts x30, Paldium Fragment x100

How to Use

Crafting a shield is just the beginning – understanding how to use it effectively is paramount. Upon crafting a shield, it is automatically equipped, ready to be wielded in the heat of battle.

Palworld introduces a unique approach to shield mechanics. Instead of actively blocking and parrying, the shield contributes to your survivability by adding a blue bar above your health. This bar acts as additional health points, absorbing damage and fortifying your resilience.

To equip a shield, simply press F or utilize the drag-and-drop method from the Inventory menu to assign it to the dedicated slot.

How to Repair

No need to fret if your shield gets battered in battle. Simply avoid taking damage for a short period, and it’ll automatically begin to repair itself. This passive regeneration ensures you’re always ready for the next encounter.

With this guide in hand, you’re now equipped to become a shield-wielding master in Palworld. Remember, shields aren’t just for defense – they offer valuable breathing room and allow you to stay in the fight longer, turning the tide of battle in your favor. So, grab your shield, adventurer, and conquer the Palworld wilderness with confidence!