NY Times Crossword Clues and Answers for May 21 2023

NY Times Crossword Clues and Answers for May 8 2023

What is the NY Times Crossword game ?

The NY Times Crossword is a very classic crossword style with increasing difficulty each day as the week progresses. You can play daily on the official New York Times website or in the NY Times app available for both Android and iOS.

NY Times Crossword Clues and Answers for May 21 2023

Below you will find a list of all the clues & answers within the NY Times crossword puzzle for May 21, 2023

Clue Answer
Its not that simple YESANDNO
Kind of passage NASAL
When Juliet drinks the potion ACTIV
Race held annually in early March IDITAROD
Computer expert for short ITPRO
Reading can be found on it THAMES
Bigamy legally speakin? PARTNERINCRIME
[I forgot the words …] LALALA
Eau so big? MER
Stellar as a pitching outing NOHIT
Pirate fodder once BLANKCDS
Right hand AIDE
Joels smuggling partner on HBOs The Last of Us TESS
Creative types ARTISTS
Where copy editors are workin? CHECKINDESK
Beefeater e.g. DRYGIN
Certain legal guardian FOSTERDAD
Pitch tents say ENCAMP
Auction unit LOT
Loads ATON
Heading on a balance sheet ASSETS
Classic Hasbro toy that debuted in 1964 GIJOE
Lenovo competitor ACER
Enjoyin your meal? or Ill be servin you today? WAITINLINE
Super Bowl LVI winners RAMS
One can be empty or veiled THREAT
Spirit SOUL
Brussels administrative official informally EUROCRAT
Oxford e.g. SHOE
is like a cat It only comes to you if you ignore it Gillian Flynn SLEEP
France before it was France GAUL
Animal that resembles a raccoon more than a bear despite its name REDPANDA
Opposite of da NYET
Spell out in Spanish? SIESTA
Crumbly cake topping OREO
Reaction to the climax of a heartbreakin movie? ENDINTEARS
Equipment used to make pizza slices or French fries SKIS
Church chorus AMENS
Styled like Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock AFROED
Sch. near the Getty Center UCLA
Coopers raw material OAK
OutKast e.g. RAPDUO
Gnaw (at) EAT
First-time offense so to speak STRIKEONE
Concave bodily features INNIES
Statute regulatin surrogacy? MOTHERINLAW
2022 horror sci-fi film co-starring Daniel Kaluuya NOPE
Item on a wish list WANT
Japanese fried pork cutlet TONKATSU
Before poetically ERE
Cause of warming tropical seas ELNINO
Financin Broadway shows? BACKINBUSINESS
Seize an opportunity POUNCE
Snowy bird EGRET
All shook up INASTATE
Stood (with) SIDED
Hiding spot for a 124-Across REEDS
Sharp bark YIP
Product typically wrapped in paraffin wax EDAM
Father DAD
Grams in the U.K.? NAN
Beats Electronics co-founder familiarly DRE
Winter Olympics powerhouse Abbr. NOR
Wednesday eponym ODIN
Specialty segments NICHES
Liable to be lost ATRISK
Stick for a snowman say ARM
Auto racing champion Sébastien LOEB
Yet to be apprehended ATLARGE
Some protest activity CHANTING
Bubbles featurin comic book dialogue? TALKINCIRCLES
Products with screens … or a homophone of a type of big screen IMACS
South African grassland VELDT
Mouthing off SASS
Gotcha ISEE
Not of the cloth LAY
Big-box store with a labyrinthine layout IKEA
Blackmail ammunition DIRT
Furnish with an income ENDOW
B equivalent CFLAT
Acid-alcohol compound ESTER
Entertainers Carvey and Delany DANAS
Fencing face-off DUEL
Fix as a bow RETIE
Sister channel of QVC HSN
Cracked open AJAR
N.Y.C. gallery MOMA
Irritating sort PEST
Gawande best-selling author of Being Mortal ATUL
Whats found at the end of Citizen Kane? SILENTE
Comfy SNUG
One tendin to reply quickly? RESPONDINKIND
Android competitor IOS
Georgian and Edwardian for two ERAS
Comprehensive report? AHA
French agreement OUI
The Simpsons teacher Krabappel EDNA
Regarded suspiciously EYED
Cause of insomnia in a fairy tale PEA
Surf sound ROAR
Grammy-nominated sister of Aretha ERMA
Yawning DEEP
Something a P.S.A. lacks ADFEE
Preach! TRUTH
Vans Old ___ (classic sneaker) SKOOL
Heroine of Disneys The Princess and the Frog TIANA
Hastily hung maybe ASKEW
Word with at home or at all NOT
Mess up ERR
Annual indie festival SUNDANCE
Bread an Italian grandmother might have made? LIRA
Similar (to) AKIN
Like all animals in the genus Equus uniquely ONETOED
Sailors rear STERN
Diplomatic agreement ENTENTE
Form-al org.? IRS
Some cross-references in a research paper informally OPCITS
it up YUK
Preppy tops POLOS
Listless feeling ENNUI
Pearl button coating NACRE
Very informally MAD
Marginally ABIT
Set of sheets? REAM
Dónde ___ …? ESTA
Carbon dating determination AGE
Game with 2 and 4 cards UNO
Held session as a council SAT
More or less SORTA
Relations SEX

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