NY Times Crossword Clues and Answers for May 14 2023

NY Times Crossword Clues and Answers for May 8 2023

What is the NY Times Crossword game ?

The NY Times Crossword is a very classic crossword style with increasing difficulty each day as the week progresses. You can play daily on the official New York Times website or in the NY Times app available for both Android and iOS.

NY Times Crossword Clues and Answers for May 14 2023

Below you will find a list of all the clues & answers within the NY Times crossword puzzle for May 14, 2023

Clue Answer
Greek letter thats a symbol for torque TAU
Done without foresight RASH
Small samples SIPS
Chocolatiers unit BAR
Holding areas in Capture the Flag JAILS
Thoughtless mode AUTOPILOT
Declares confidently AVERS
Novelist/short-story writer ___ Bender AIMEE
The Rise of ___ (2019 film subtitle) SKYWALKER
Coat with small droplets BEDEW
Mrs. or Sra. equivalent MME
Prepares to deal perhaps CUTS
Western ___ (coll. course) CIV
Name repeated in a nursery rhyme MARY
Item sometimes made with wiliwili seeds LEI
Flaky syrupy pastry BAKLAVA
Divisions represented by the highlighted answers in this puzzle LANES
Livestream e.g. WEBCAST
Worry-free ATEASE
French for between ENTRE
Small fox with unusually large ears FENNEC
University of Cincinnati athlete BEARCAT
Command (Atari game of the 1980s) MISSILE
Abbr. in a birth announcement LBS
Longtime OLD
Invitation in a therapists office SIT
Minecraft block with a fuse TNT
Designer of Dohas Museum of Islamic Art PEI
Analogy words ISTO
Yes that spot right there … AHH
Added streaks to say DYED
Honey ___! (ring-shaped cereal) OHS
Young bloke LAD
Last word in America the Beautiful SEA
Anna of Arendelles elder sister ELSA
Festival with lion dances TET
Mobile APP
Ultimatum word ELSE
Part of a gas mileage rating CITY
Start-up loan agcy. SBA
Damascenes country SYRIA
What gladiator literally translates to SWORDSMAN
Beer brand with mountains in its logo COORS
Jessica ___ astronaut who participated in the first all-female spacewalk MEIR
Not the same ANOTHER
It sounds like a clarinet with a cold per Victor Borge OBOE
Battery in a Wii Remote AACELL
Stinging pests REDANTS
Some residents of the eastern Mediterranean GAZANS
Lung or brain segments LOBES
Like a dirty film RATEDX
Chlorophyte e.g. ALGA
Impediments to team productivity EGOS
Get in a knot ENSNARL
Thou God ___ me (Genesis quote) SEEST
Fred who co-created Portlandia ARMISEN
Campus part QUAD
In a scuffle ATIT
Hopping herbivore HARE
Captain of fiction NEMO
Address thats often shown in blue letters URL
With 116-Across procedures in which drivers take turns joining a single stream as demonstrated five times in this puzzle ZIPPER
See 114-Across MERGES
Crows cry CAW
Backside ASS
Air Seouls parent airline ASIANA
Hubbub ADO
Actress Mowry of Sister Sister TIA
Green expanse LEA
Commander for Joe Biden e.g. PETDOG
Pass judgment on ASSESS
Tricksy SLY
Person with a stopwatch TIMEKE
Drink that may be spiced ALE
Potential scenario in which a piece of software might be helpful USECASE
Person who worships Jah RASTA
Puffins e.g. AUKS
Total dump STY
Is it even possible?! HOWCANT
Itll take a second to get it SILVERM
Similar group ILK
A ___ begins as a lump in the throat a sense of wrong a homesickness a lovesickness Robert Frost POEM
Boba tea is often served with a wide one STRAW
Miniature cheese wheel brand BABYBEL
Maria AVE
Chinese New Year decoration REDLAN
Meat-and-vegetables dish with Creole and Cajun varieties JAMBA
Coat that may take awhile to put on PAINT
Witherspoon of Hollywood REESE
Electrical wiring nexus SWITC
Pigmented eye layer UVEA
Lower-interest deal for short REFI
Blood work colloquially LABS
Start of a detectives trail LEAD
Uno dos tres SEIS
Site with gadget reviews CNET
Revolutionary cooking device? ROTISS
Conflict over seceding from the Galactic Republic in sci-fi CLONEWAR
Cocktails named after motorcycle attachments SIDECARS
Hair salon goo STYLIN
Many a presidential election occurs in one LEAPYEAR
Prospective eBay buyers figure BIDPRICE
Better than I thought NOTSOBAD
Where hip-hop originated THEBRONX
State of matter in the sun PLASMA
Theoretical substance for which a chemistry law is named IDEA
Fifth in a scale SOL
Stadium with the first animated scoreboard ASTRODOME
Where newlyweds are typically seated at a wedding reception HEADTABLE
Latin is EST
Toddler drop-off locales DAYC
Equilibria STASES
Home to the sport of hurling IRELAND
Americans usually spell cancelled with this ONEL
Queens players METS
Enters like slime OOZESIN
Grammy-winning Mexican singer Downs LILA
Exercise that strengthens hip flexors LEGRAISE
Compilations of laughably bad takes GAGREELS
Bit that bonds ATOM
Mineral collection site SALTPIT
Motion to ___ (court request) REARGUE
Certain essential worker NURSE
Taco topping SALSA
Job increasingly replaced by speech-to-text programs STENO
G7 member informally THEUS
Some offshoots SECTS
What might have attachment issues? EMAIL
Youre kidding! NOWAY
Tablet you might take in the bathroom IPAD
The Hindu god Ganesha is often depicted with four of them ARMS
Ray gun sound ZAP
Makeshift towel RAG
N.Y.C. commuter rail overseer MTA
Pedestrians cross them Abbr. STS

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