NMS Dream Aerial Guide – Finding No Man’s Sky Organic Frigates

The Endurance Update added a new item called the No Man’s Sky (NMS) Dream Aerial that enables players to find more organic frigates and expand their fleet. To obtain a Dream Aerial, you only need to send an organic frigate on a Fleet Expedition. In our most recent guide, let’s look at what that means.

Note: The likelihood that you will receive upgrades for future additions to your fleet will be higher if you start out with a living frigate. Please make use of the Leviathan if you already possess it.

NMS Dream Aerial – Finding No Man’s Sky Organic Frigates

To acquire a Dream Aerial, however, you do not require an organic frigate. NMS should give you a freighter and a frigate early on in the game. They appear as a part of an unofficial mission called “Space Rescue” after a number of warp jumps through space. Another option is to simply dock with a freighter in space and negotiate with the captain. Make a wise choice because even the weak ones are expensive.

No Man's Sky NMS Dream Aerial 1

You can communicate with your Navigator NPC on the freighter. They’ll let you to dispatch your fleet on missions. However, a Fleet Command Station is first required. Utilize the base building menu on your capital ship to erect one. After sending a fleet on its mission and the real-world timer has expired, you can access the Fleet Expedition rewards from the Fleet Command Station.

Each Fleet Expedition has a random chance of awarding the blueprint to one. If you don’t get one the first time, send out your frigates again! At the moment, this is the only documented method of obtaining Dream Aerial. Once you have the blueprint, you should be able to construct the device with 3x Living Glass and 1x Solar Mirror.  

NMS Dream Aerial 2

Once the Dream Aerial is complete, all that is left to do is turn on your Pulse Engine while you are in space. When you activate the engine, the Dream Aerial is merely a required item that needs to be in your inventory.

However, as far as we can tell, there is no “mission” associated with the organic frigate event. You simply pulse and request that it join your fleet. Your new frigate will also require a slot. Similarly to when you invite a pilot to join your squadron. Prepare to make some space in the fleet!