Nicole Richie Tries to Stay Away From Fashion Trends


Fashion designer and style icon Nicole Richie may know plenty about how to dress well, but she says she isn’t very orderly in her approach to getting dressed and jokes that her wardrobe looks as though it has been hit by a tornado. She laughs that there is an order to the chaos that only she knows:

”You would look at my closet and think that a tornado hit it. I’m a Virgo, so my closet is very messy – but it makes sense in my head.”

Speaking on getting dressed, Nicole says she loves bright colours and wearing them always shifts her mood. She doesn’t follow trends and says she even intentionally avoids them because she finds them “limiting”. She thinks styling yourself is about what you want to wear personally:

“Colour makes me happy. It definitely lifts me up, so I love the idea of a lot of colour. I don’t even know what trends are out there. And I actually try to stay away from trends, because they just feel really limiting to me. Fashion is really about self-expression. We’re women, and we all have different kinds of bodies, sizes, and personalities – and I have yet to see one trend really be okay with everyone across the board.”

She adds that she loves people who are creative and think outside of the box when they’re creating a look. She believes individuality is much more important than blindly following fashion trends:

”The fashion that excites me most is when people are expressing their creativity, and really diving headfirst into that. There are so many people whose style I admire that’s nothing like mine. I just appreciate when someone can really take their individuality and tap into that in a creative space.”