Nicole Richie Says Her Mother Has Been Her Style Inspiration


Reality star turned fashion designer Nicole Richie has revealed that her mother was always her style inspiration growing up. Although their taste in fashion has always been very different because her mother is “more of a lady”, Nicole says she was inspired to make a style that suited herself by her mother. She explained:

”I always thought to myself, ‘That’s what I want to look like when I get older.’ We have very different styles. She was much more of a lady than I ever will be, but she was my inspiration to really step into this world.”

Speaking on dressing for the colder winter weather, Nicole says she loves to layer her looks because it makes dressing for unpredictable weather conditions much easier. She even uses summer pieces which she layers over a simple sweater when it turns to autumn. She commented on how she changes her style with the seasons:

”I love even throwing on a turtleneck and layering some summery pieces over it, so fall and winter are my go-to season. I love staple blazers, I love big jackets, coats, and hats. I think that the world’s kind of your oyster when you just have so many layers to play with.”

Opening up on her children’s style, Nicole says she likes her son and daughter to develop their own individual taste and let them simply be themselves with their fashion choices:

”[Sparrow is] a rock n’ roller. He loves The Eagles and Jimi Hendrix and he’s a huge Don Henley fan. My daughter’s [Harlow]’s a girlie-girl. Joel and I both have always let our kids be 100 percent who they are, as far as the way that they dress and the things that they’re interested in. Whatever they’re interested in, I’m interested in.”