New Valorant Agent Gekko – Release date, role, abilities & leaks

New Valorant Agent Episode 6 Act 2 will introduce a new Valorant agent named Gekko, but few details have been revealed about them. Find out all the details here about the next agent for Valorant.

New Valorant Agent Gekko

Release date

Gekko, as previously mentioned, will make its debut on March 7 with Episode 6 Act 2. Along with them, they’ll most likely release a balance patch and a new battle pass.


A few days ago, the Valorant team discussed the state of the agents and revealed that an Initiator, Sentinel, and an agent of unknown role would be released in 2023. As a result of this, we can confirm Gekko will be another Initiator. That may leave Sentinel stranded for the time being, but the team believes they’ve reached a point where they don’t need all roles to have the same number of agents.


In a recent State of the Agents video presentation, John Goscicki of Riot Games provided hints about Agent 22’s potential abilities.

He describes Gekko as having his own “eclectic way of dealing with situations,” which seems to imply that Gekko has an unusual utility belt. He will also have “new ways to check corners, reveal locations, and plant the spike,” according to reports.

Goscicki concludes his spiel by pointing out that Agents occasionally need friends to have by their side when chaos breaks out on the Valorant battlefield, and that not every Agent needs to be as serious as someone like Fade or Viper. Does this imply that Gekko has a companion who joins them in battle? If this is true, then the new Gekko appearance leaks make sense.

In the tweet below, we can see that different figures on its back appear to be important for the Gekko’s abilities. Given that each agent has four special abilities and Gekko surrounds them (one on each side), they could all be related to the abilities.

About Valorant

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