Valorant down with error code Val 19 ? How to check server status?

Valorant servers down? How to check server status

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At the time of writing, the Valorant servers are down (Most reported problems : 63% is Server Connection, 35% is Game Play and 2% about Login). However, this could change at any time due to updates, patches, and planned or unplanned maintenance.

Listed below are some of the known Valorant Error Codes, and how to fix them :

1Connection Error Go  : try restart VALORANT and the Riot Client.
4Your display name is invalid :  try change it .
5Account was logged into elsewhere :  try log out from all devices.
7 – Couldn’t connect to session service. You might have a suspension on your account. Please check your email for more information. It could also be a platform issue. Be sure to check the VALORANT Discord or Support Site banner for more information.
8 – 21 – Problems with the Riot Client. try restart the Riot Client.
29 – This is a network issue : make sure that your Internet connection is working properly.

How to check the Valorant servers ?

Follow 4 steps below to check the Valorant servers :

  • First off, make sure that your Internet connection is working properly.
  • Check VALORANT support section .
  • Follow the the official Valorant Twitter account provides updates on upcoming server maintenance schedules for Valorant.
  • Checking the third-party DownDetector page for the franchise .


Valorant wiki :

Developer(s) Riot Games
Publisher(s) Riot Games
  • David Nottingham
  • Joe Ziegler
  • Anna Donlon
  • John Goscicki
  • Trevor Romleski
  • Salvatore Garozzo
  • Paul Chamberlain
  • Dave Heironymus
  • David Straily
Artist(s) Moby Francke
Composer(s) Jesse Harlin
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release June 2, 2020
Genre(s) First-person hero shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer