MW2 DMZ – How to kill a Commander

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In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about killing a Commander in MW2 DMZ, including their locations and enemy types.

Where can I find a Commander in MW2 DMZ?

There are currently three Commanders in the MW2 DMZ: the Chemist, the Juggernaut, and the Commander Helicopter.MW2 DMZ CommanderThe tricky part about finding these bosses is that they don’t always appear in the same raid. The good news is that they are usually marked on a map, so you can go over to their location and spend some time looking for them.

For the Juggernaut, go to the location marked by the Weapon Case icon on the map. Pay attention to the announcements, though, because a player may get to him and take him down before you. If you’re doing the Black Mous mission, you’ll need to extract with the special weapon case that the Juggernaut drops, so killing him – or a squad that arrives first – is necessity.

To locate the Commander Helicopter, you must first complete an intel mission, after which they will spawn. However, this boss only spawns once per game, so another squad could beat you to it. On the map, the Commander helicopter is represented by the skull icon wearing a headset.

Do I have to kill all three Commanders ?

You do not need to kill all three Commanders individually to complete the faction mission. The only Commander you technically need to kill in order to obtain the weapon case is the Juggernaut, but even then, you can simply steal it from another squad.

The Commander Helicopter is probably the easiest to take down, as both the Chemist and the Juggernaut will have far more player interest and can often be more difficult to kill.

This concludes our guide on how to kill a Commander in MW2 DMZ.