Modern Warfare 2 Best Guns – Early Game Meta Weapons

With over 50 weapons to unlock, Modern Warfare 2 allows you to freely choose your favorite weapons. This variety, however, has the disadvantage of leaving you unsure where to begin. So, to get you started with Modern Warfare 2, we’ve compiled a list of the best guns to use in the early game meta.

Modern Warfare 2 Best Guns

FSS Hurricane

Modern Warfare 2 Best guns 1If you want a weapon that is highly mobile, has almost no recoil, a long range, and a quick TTK, look no further than the FSS Hurricane.

The Hurricane made waves in the beta for the same reasons mentioned above, and it kept all of that power with the full launch. Despite being in the SMG category, it is an extremely versatile weapon and the best choice if you are just starting out in Modern Warfare 2.


The M4 is without a doubt one of the most powerful weapons in any Call of Duty game, and it’s also an excellent choice in Modern Warfare 2.

We believe the M4 is the best assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2 because of its initial strength, accuracy, and power. It’s simple to use, dependable, and accurate, and with a few attachments, it’s about as dependable as any weapon in any COD game. The M4 may lose some close-range battles, but it’s the ideal jack-of-all-trades weapon for beginners.

VEL 46 (MP7)

Modern Warfare 2 Best guns 2Fast-firing SMGs with high mobility will always have a place in the Call of Duty meta, and the VEL 46 from Modern Warfare 2 fits perfectly into this category.

The VEL 46 won’t be lasering enemies across the map, but get close and very few weapons can outgun it. To make matters worse, it’s the first SMG you’ll unlock, so you can start using it right away.


The TAQ-56 is a high damage Assault Rifle that’s ideal for locking down lanes and winning those far-away gunfights, and it’s perhaps the most dominant weapon in Modern Warfare 2’s beta.

You’ll need to play for a while before earning the TAQ-56 at rank 19, but once you reach rank 30 in the beta, the Frontal Impact Blueprint will be in your inventory. By the time you unlock it, you can get it to a high level because it is already equipped with a solid attachment setup.

While it is not as simple to use as the M4, the TAQ-56 has the potential to become the best gun in Modern Warfare 2 as more players level it up and master it.

PDSW 528 (P90)

Modern Warfare 2 Best guns 3The P90, now known as the PDSW 528, has quickly gained popularity due to its incredibly low recoil and fast fire rate. Because of its low damage, you won’t be able to use it beyond close quarters, but it will absolutely shred enemies with precision up close.

Another extremely early unlock, the PDSW 528 can be used almost immediately after being unlocked at Level 5.

FTAC Recon

To use this weapon effectively, you must be accurate, but if you are, you can eliminate enemies with only a couple of shots to the body and one to the head. The FTAC Recon is an excellent starting weapon for anyone interested in semi-automatic type.


While the weapons on this list can all be unlocked early on, the Kastov-74u is an outlier because it is unlocked later, but the Default class it comes with is devastating. Even if you’ve unlocked custom loadouts, you can still return to the Hunter-Stalker and completely dominate with the Kastov-74u. It’s unsettling to think about how powerful the Kastov-74u could become once players discover the meta attachments.


The MCPR-300 has everything you want in a sniper rifle, including a quick ADS speed and a very forgiving one-shot area. It may not be the best option as players unlock more options, but in the early game, you can’t go wrong with the MCPR-300.

Expedite 12

In Modern Warfare 2, it’s difficult to recommend a shotgun over an SMG. Both excel at close range, but SMGs have a better chance in situations where you aren’t staring your target in the face.

However, the Expedite 12 is an intriguing option for certain maps and situations. If you can find the right close-range chokepoint on a map where escape or enemy flanks are highly unlikely, the Expedite 12 will help you get the upper hand on your enemies better than any other. To get the most out of this gun, you only need a half-second.

And those are the weapons you should use when you start Modern Warfare 2!