Mortal Kombat Mobile Fighters Tier List

If you’re looking for a tier list of all available fighters in Mortal Kombat Mobile, look no further than this article.

Mortal Kombat Mobile Fighters Tier List

In this tier list, we divided all fighers into four groups based on their rarity in the game. Each of them is ranked according to their strength when fully geared up and ‘at their best’.

Diamond fighters

These are all the Diamond cards that are currently available in Mortal Kombat Mobile. Some of them rely on the team composition to be effective, but in general, each individual MK11 card is extremely good in and of itself. The rest is dependent on the team you assign them to or their equipment.Mortal Kombat Mobile Fighters Tier List 1

Tier Characters
S Scorpion (Strike Force), Kitana (Day of the Dead), Fujin (MK11), Sub-Zero (Circle of Shadow), Scorpion (MK11), Nightwolf (MK11), Kabal (MK11), Goro (Klassic), Johnny Cage (Strike Force), Jade (Day of the Dead), Cassie Cage (Strike Force), Liu Kang (Circle of Shadow), Rain (MK11), Kung Lao (Circle of Shadow), The Joker, Sindel (MK11), Quan Chi (Circle of Shadow), Noob Saibot (MK11), Jade (MK11), Erron (Day of the Dead), Mileena (Ravenous), Kitana (Circle of Shadow), Sonya Blade (Kold War), Freddy Krueger (Nightmare), Raiden (Klassic), Scorpion (Hellspawn), Raiden (MK11), Reptile (Klassic), Raiden (Klassic Movie), Sub-Zero (MK11), Skarlet (MK11)
A Terminator (Dark Fate), Liu Kang (Fire God), Liu Kang (MK11), Liu Kang (Klassic), Raiden (Injustice 2), Rain (Klassic), Sub-Zero (Kold War), Jade (Assassin), Shao Kahn (Konqueror), Jason Voorhees (Nightmare), Scorpion (Kold War), Kabal (Black Dragon), Terminator (Guardian), Skarlet (Kold War), Skarlet (Assassin), Shang Tsung (MK11), Kano (Black Dragon), Leatherface (Nightmare)
B Erron (Black Dragon), Jax Briggs (Circle of Shadow), Kenshi (Ronin), Tremor (Black Dragon), Kitana (Ronin)
C Jax Briggs (Klassic), D’Vorah (Wretch), Kitana (Assassin), Takeda (Ronin)

Gold fighters

Some of the Gold characters listed below are arguably superior to their Diamond counterparts. For example, characters that rank low in the Diamond tier list but high in their Gold version should be used instead. It’s also worth noting that some of the Gold characters mentioned in the A and S tiers can be exceptional in very specific situations.Mortal Kombat Mobile Fighters Tier List 2

Tier Characters
S Cassie Cage (Covert Ops), Jacqui Briggs (Kosplay), Raiden (Dark), Kung Lao (Shaolin Fist), Ermac (Klassic), Noob Saibot (Klassic), Kenshi (Elder God), Scorpion (Klassic), Tanya (Treacherous), Sonya Blade (Kombat Cup), Shinnok (Bone Shaper), Jason Voorhees (Slasher), Johnny Cage (Kombat Cup), Triborg Smoke, Tremor (Aftershock), Mileena (Klassic), Smoke (Klassic), Liu Kang (Flaming Fists), Erron Black (Gunslinger), Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi), Kano (Klassic), Scorpion (Inferno), Triborg Sub-Zero, Sub-Zero (Klassic), Tanya (Kobu Jutsu), Sonya Blade (Klassic), Takeda (Shirai Ryu), Quan Chi (Warlock)
A Shang Tsung (Klassic), Ermac (Master of Souls), Shinnok (Vengeful), Bo’ Rai Cho (Dragon Breath), Lizard Baraka, Mileena (Vampiress), Pyromancer Tanya, Ermac (Pharaoh), Triborg Cyrax, Kitana (Mournful), Jason Voorhees (Unstoppable), Sub-Zero (Grandmaster), Noob Saibot (Lizard), Sonya Blade (Demolition), Triborg Sektor, Kotal Kahn (Dark Lord)
B Baraka (Scourge), Cassie Cage (Undercover), Kung Lao (Shaolin Master), Raiden (Thunder God), Mileena (Piercing), Jacqui Briggs (Cybernetic), Kotal Kahn (Sun God), D’Vorah (Venomous), Ermac (Spectral), Jax Briggs (Heavy Weapons), Johnny Cage (A-List), Johnny Cage (Stunt Double), Kenshi (Possessed), Scorpion (Injustice), Sub-Zero (Cryomaster), Jade (Klassic), Kung Jin (Shaolin), Kung Jin (Marksman), Kintaro (Shokan Warrior), Jacqui Briggs (Hi-Tech), Reptile (Noxious)
C Kano (Commando), Kung Lao (Hat Trick), Goro (Tigrar Fury), Reptile (Kraken), Kotal Kahn (Blood God), Sonya Blade (Tactical), Scorpion (Ninjutsu), Kintaro (Shokan Warrior), Kenshi (Balanced), D’Vorah (Swarm Queen), Reptile (Nimble), Cassie Cage (Kombat Cup)

Silver fighters

I wouldn’t recommend using Silver Characters more than is absolutely necessary. Of course, some of them can be useful in certain situations, but they should not be prioritized.

Tier Characters
A Sub-Zero (Standard), Cassie Cage (Standard), Johnny Cage (Standard), Reptile (Standard), Scorpion (Standard), Kitana (Klassic)
B Sonya Blade (Standard), Kotal Kahn (Standard), Jax Briggs (Standard), Kung Jin (Standard), Jacqui Briggs (Standard), Ermac (Standard), Kano (Standard)
C D’Vorah (Standard), Jax Briggs (Farmer), Kenshi (Standard)

Bronze fighters

Bronze Characters are few in number, so ranking them into a tier list would be pointless. These are their names:

  • Oni, Lin Kuei, Johnny Cage, Monk, Shirai Ryu,Trooper, Osh-Tekk, Saurian, Sergeant

That concludes our tier list for all Mortal Kombat Mobile fighters.