Maisie Smith radiates seductive heat for the camera as she strikes a stance with silky stockings and a minidress

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While on vacation with her sister Scarlett, former Tiffany Butcher star Maisie Smith flaunted her amazing sense of style.

Maisie Smith poses in a minidress and silk stockings, giving off a sensuous glow for the camera

(Source: Instagram/maisiesmithofficial)

While on vacation in Paris with her sister Scarlett, former EastEnders star Maisie Smith flaunted her trim and gym-honed physique in a minidress and revealing stockings.

The ex-EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing star has taken off with her sister after returning from a romantic getaway to Abu Dhabi with her boyfriend, Max George, 34.

(Source: Instagram/maisiesmithofficial)

Soon after touching down in the UK, Maisie’s mother Julia tweeted a video of her and her daughter strolling through the airport on their way to a flight to Paris.

Maisie, now 21 years old, has offered followers a peak into her luxurious vacation in Paris.

The next day she went out again and took a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower.

She layered a green jacket with a grey zip-up hoodie, and accessorized with a pair of grey sunglasses placed on the bridge of her nose.

Maisie completed her chic getup by applying a full face of stunning makeup to highlight her natural beauty.

And then, not even 24 hours later, she posted a steamy photo of herself in an outrageously glamorous evening gown.

Maisie looked stunning in a pastel green minidress, beige trench, and grey stockings as she snapped a picture in a silver elevator.

In a mirror selfie, Maisie flaunted her toned, gym-honed body while wearing a skimpy dress with a bandeau neckline.

Maisie’s thigh was exposed thanks to the dress’s small split on the side, and the rest of her legs were partially covered by sheer mesh stockings.

Maisie’s thighs were on display via the slits in her lace-embellished, grey stockings.

Maisie wore a long, baggy trench coat in a beige hue and a silver cross necklace for an accessory.

She wore her long hair down, parted down the center, and straight, and her makeup was subtle but glamorous.

Maisie sported a matte face base, strong brows, and a subdued smokey eye, all set off by a glossy nude lip.

The trip is happening now because Maisie and Max finally addressed their “pregnant” prank’s irate fanbase.

The Wanted singer, who is 34 years old, attempted to poke fun at the scenario by posting a picture of the couple drinking a giant milkshake.

“Never. Eating. Again’ while Maisie reshared the snap.”

When Maisie posted an Instagram photo of herself holding her stomach, the couple received criticism.

Max gazed down, mouth agape, as she buried her belly beneath a heart emoji.

Maisie added, “We’ve got some really exciting news…” as the caption for the photo.

Next she wrote, “I just had the best five course meal of my life’ implying that the couple had been joking.”

On his Instagram Stories, Max also included the message, ‘Look at that lovely belly’┬áto continue the teasing.

The two may have thought their tweet was humorous, but several of their followers took to Twitter to call them out for being “disgusting” and “insensitive.”

“Pregnancy jokes are not, and never will be funny” one person wrote. You’ve hurt many people, fans, with those thoughtless stories tonight. People who have lost children. People who cannot conceive for whatever reason. Please do better.”

Others weighed in, saying things like, “Max George and Maisie smith are so insensitive for that,’ and, ‘maisie smith and max george joking about being pregnant is disgusting. just not something to be joking about.”

One more commented, “Not @maisie_smith_ and @MaxGeorge making out that she’s expecting, such a s***ty joke! Kick to all of us who struggle with fertility.”

Another person reached this conclusion: “Joking about fake pregnancies is disgusting. Really made me think. Do I really like them anymore.”