Maisie Smith flaunts her breasts in a powder pink bikini and a boho skirt in racy mirror selfies, after moving in with her handsome boyfriend

The former EastEnders actress caused a stir when she appeared in public wearing a powder pink bikini top and a green boho skirt that clung to her hips to highlight her boob and toned abs.

Maisie Smith ‘attracted the attention’ of her boyfriend, Max George, with a series of revealing mirror selfies

Maisie looked like herself again, flaunting her unique sense of fashion in the outfit; she wore white fluffy boots and a cropped crochet sweater, neither of which did much to keep her warm.

The Strictly Come Dancing star uploaded a video of herself pouting while modeling the unique garment.

She captioned the shot: ‘Pearly girly’, and Max, 34, commented: ‘Yep… You’re unreal’.

This is not the first time that Maisie has posted a picture of herself wearing an unusual ensemble.

In fact, her TikTok video was flagged for ‘sensitive content,’ leaving her fans baffled and wondering if the warning had anything to do with her provocative wardrobe choice.

In the first clip, Maisie can be seen wearing a pink robe and slippers while her singer boyfriend wears grey hoodie and sweatpants.

(Image: @maisielousmith/TikTok)

In the next scene, the couple exchanged passionate glances before changing into revealing his-and-hers attire.

Max posted a video last month asking his girlfriend Maisie to move in with him, and the two are absolutely adorable together.

The smitten singer posted the details of his thoughtful proposal to TikTok.

At the movies, he told her that he had stashed a set of keys in a bag of pick ‘n’ mix for her to discover.

Max and Maisie have been together since the summer of 2022, but at first Maisie had no idea.

The keys were in a bag, and she didn’t realize it was hers until she looked at them.

She laughed after reading the label and declared: ‘I love you’, to which Max quipped: ‘As that a yes?’ as the lovebirds celebrated their happy news.