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Love Island’s Ron pulls Casey aside for a chat after Lana’s shocking decision to reunite with Casey

On Monday night’s episode of Love Island, Ron Hall will talk to Casey O’Gorman about how their love triangle ended when Lana Jenkins chose Casey as her partner.

Love Island: Ron Hall gets angry with Lana Jenkins after their shocking reunion

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Fans and Shaq Muhammad were upset by Ron’s treatment of Lana, so when Casey and Jordan Odofin entered the villa with Shaq last week, Lana took the opportunity to leave Ron.

Love Island’s Maya Jama teased Monday night’s episode, which will feature Lana’s attempts to talk to Ron after he paired up with new bombshell Casey O’Gorman.

On multiple occasions, Lana was brought to tears, prompting islanders like Shaq Muhammad to defend her.

In anticipation of Sunday night’s recoupling, football player Tom Clare encouraged Lana to go for new boy Casey, and Lana took the chance at a new beginning.

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After they started dating again, she made these comments:

“I’ve decided to couple up with this boy because he’s kind, funny and makes me smile.

“’Over the last two three days I’ve been trying to make a decision and decide what I need and want.

“I’ve been fighting between my head and my heart but tonight I’m going with my gut. The boy I’ve decided to couple up with is Casey.”

However, host Maya Jama teased the upcoming episode by saying: “Spoiler alert – Ron is not a happy bunny.”

As Ron says in tonight’s episode of the winter season: “That book’s closed, I’m going to let them be happy.

“When you speak to her just say it’s fine, I don’t need to talk to her, I don’t want to talk to her tonight, I will deal with it in my own way.”

As the girls discuss the recoupling, Lana wonders aloud if the locals were taken aback by her choice.

“I’m shocked, you left me on edge. I just want to say I’m so proud of you and whatever makes you happy, makes me over the moon,” admits Olivia Hawkins, to which Lana replies, “I just think why shouldn’t I give Casey a chance, he’s not done anything wrong. I’m not closing any doors right now, all I’m doing is giving Casey more time. People’s actions after things like this say a lot.”

Lana will tell Ron that she doesn’t like “upsetting you,” and they’ll have a talk.

“I was thinking can I forgive because after I’ve had so many days upset about something,” Lana says, to which Ron replies, “I feel like him being here for four days has superseded how we felt.”

On last week’s episode, Casey prepared to win Lana’s heart by preparing breakfast for her.

As he served Lana breakfast, he said: “I made it into a smiley face to summarise our last few days because I can’t stop smiling when I’m with you,”

“I hope he’s done the avocado right, he’s even added salmon on there, not sure she’s a fan of salmon…” Ron scathed.

Talking to her friend Tanya Manhenga, Lana finally broke her silence and said: “I’m at completely different stages with Casey and Ron, it’s hard to throw that away but then am I being…?”

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Because of Lana’s choice, Ron will stay with Tanyel Revan, 26.

In another part of the recoupling, Jessie Wynter chose to stay with Will Young. Tanya Manhenga decided to stay with Shaq Muhammad.

Ellie Spence chose Jordan Odofin. Samie Elishi chose Tom Clare. And Olivia Hawkins chose Kai Fagan.