Lindsay Lohan Shows Off Her Boobs in a Sheer Crotch-Hugging Swimsuit

Posted by PZ on August 7th, 2012

Trainwreck of the century Lindsay Lohan was spotted poolside at her hotel in Hollywood (does she actually own a home?). Clearly very aware of the stalking photographers, Lindsay had no problem turning on the charm and striking some obviously practiced poses for the paps – she wore a very daring white swimsuit which featured a plunging see-through mesh panel at the front. The swimsuit is just awful on her – her boobs are so in-your-face in this particular swimsuit, but it just doesn’t look sexy.

The design in question also seems to hug her crotch in a very strange way that looks uncomfortable and like she has a mild wedgie. She’s also got a full face of makeup on including dark eyeshadow, so she obviously didn’t even intend to use the pool – this reeks of a staged photo moment, especially the swimsuit, which you can tell she thinks is super hot. If you take a look at her legs you’ll also notice a big red dot on one of them – it looks quite strange and mysterious. Lindsay earns very few hot points, but at least she’s attempting to look good – it’s just too try-hard this time Lilo, put your boobs away.

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