Kylie Jenner shows off her many assets and svelte midriff in a gold bikini on Instagram

Kylie Jenner posted a photo of herself to Instagram in a revealing gold bikini top, displaying her incredible waistline and ample assets.

Kylie Jenner turns up the heat on Instagram by baring her toned midriff and ample assets in a gold bikini

The beauty wore a sarong and was photographed in moody lighting for her sultry new photos.

Just over a year after giving birth to Aire, her second child and first son, she showed off her remarkably trim post-baby body.

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Kylie and her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott are both parents to their children, Aire, 1, and Stormi, 5, and they are known to have a very amicable co-parenting relationship.

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Wolf was Kylie’s original choice for her daughter Aire, but she ultimately decided against it. The new name, Aire, was revealed in January.

Kylie’s latest wild Instagram post follows weeks of criticism for the ‘tasteless’ first birthday party she threw for daughter Stormi.

Her extravagant bash’s design was inspired by the artwork for Travis’s platinum album Astroworld, the name of which was later adopted for his concert series.

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In 2021, a fatal stampede at the Astroworld festival caused widespread international condemnation of the event.

One angry internetizen vented: ”The f*** is up with this messed up theme? Demonic much,’ while another wrote: ‘kylie using astroworld branding for her children’s birthday party is a bit scary to me.’

One wrote: ‘Kylie Jenner MOCKS Astroworld victims with her ex Travis-Scott themed birthday party for her daughter, Stormi.’

Kylie, who was pregnant with their son at the time, went to Travis’ Astroworld concert in November 2021, where a fatal crush of bodies occurred.

In the video, an ambulance can be seen trying to make its way through the crowd. After that, Travis vowed to make the “ground shake” and the music resumed.

Half an hour after the fire department declared a “mass casualty event,” he continued his performance, which included a surprise appearance by Drake.

In December of that year, autopsy findings showing that all of the victims died of compression asphyxia were released by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God that month, Travis claimed that he was only told through his earpiece to leave the stage after Drake’s guest spot.

He claimed to have met with some of the bereaved families, but insisted he was unaware of the scope of the problem while he was onstage.

After the deaths, numerous lawsuits were filed against Travis and the concert organizers, totaling billions of dollars.