Kim K. and Mariah Carey have gathered their daughters for a TikTok dance video shoot…they even perform Rihanna’s halftime show from the Super Bowl!

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Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey‘s daughters hung out in a new viral TikTok video posted on Monday.

The daughters of Kim K. and Mariah Carey filmed a TikTok dance video inside their mansion

The 42-year-old TV host and the 53-year-old Grammy winner showed up at the end of the clip as North (then 9) and Monroe (then 11) performed a dance routine to a popular remix of Carey’s 2009 smash hit, It’s A Wrap.

Prior in the evening, another clip was released in which the stars’ offspring recreated a portion of Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance in honor of the Umbrella hitmaker’s 35th birthday.

North and Monroe were filmed standing next to each other in the SKIMS founder’s home’s spacious hallway in the first clip, which has already garnered an astounding 11 million views.

Coordinated: The talented pair flaunted their coordinated moves to the sped-up lyrics of, 'When it's gone, it's gone, it's gone, it's gone/ You're dead wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong/ So just scoo-do-do, scoo-do-do-do...'

The two dancers showed off their synchronized moves to the sped-up words to, ‘When it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone/ You’re dead wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong/ So just scoo-do-do, scoo-do-do-do…’

Then, from opposite sides of the frame, Kim and Mariah appeared to continue singing, ‘Baby, it’s a wrap!’

Dance routine: North, 9, and the singer's daughter, Monroe, 11, showcased a dance routine to the trending remix of the singer's hit 2009 track, It's A Wrap

The celebrities lip-synced to the music while holding hairbrushes in their hands as if they were microphones.

The Kardashians star opted for ease as she filmed the clip inside her spacious home, wearing a plain black tank top and baggy sweatpants.

The mother of four, who was just featured in a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign, wore dark gray flat sandals with open toes and black socks.

Surprise! Towards the end of the clip, both Kim and Mariah suddenly appeared on either side of the frame and pretended hairbrushes in their hands were microphones

Her long, dark hair was pulled into an elegant bun so that it wouldn’t get in her eyes.

Mariah put on quite the style show for her 14 second video appearance, donning a pair of shiny leather pants and a simple black top.

Over his black and white striped shirt, the Obsessed singer threw on a white sweater with long sleeves.

The mother of 11-year-old twins Monroe “Roe” and Moroccan “Roc” Cannon, whom she shares with ex-husband Nick Cannon, wore a pair of heeled, lace-up boots for an edgy touch.

North pretended to be annoyed with her mother at the end of the video, pushing Kim out of frame while Monroe made a joke about trying to do the same to Mariah.

Popular track: The sound is a higher pitched, sped-up version of the singer's track, It's A Wrap, and has currently been trending on social media

This sound, a pitched-up, sped-up rendition of the singer’s track It’s A Wrap, is all the rage on social media at the moment. “That’s a close! The popular video’s caption read, “But never for us!”

The daughters of Kim and Mariah Carey also followed the trend of recreating a segment of Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show performance from earlier this month, during which the singer announced her second pregnancy.

Monroe wore an all-red outfit, like the one Rihanna wore during the performance, for the nine-second clip in which she impersonated the singer.

When performing with her mother, the 11-year-old girl had a pink microphone in her hand.

Humorous: To conclude the 14-second video that has already garnered around 11 million views, North feigned annoyance and pushed Kim out of frame

North changed into an all-white outfit, mimicking the color of the costumes worn by her backup dancers. The pair mimicked the scene from Rihanna’s music video for “Work” in which a dancer slithered up to the singer for a quick solo performance while she belted out a few bars.

In the background of the reel, the 2016 song’s lyrics, “Dry me ah deserrrrt him,” were playing, and the couple faithfully recreated that part of the performance that had become popular.

In honor of the momentous occasion, a brief caption reading, ‘We love you @rihanna Happy Birthday xoxo Roe and North.’