Kim Kardashian’s new Dolce & Gabbana ad features the reality star posing in a low-cut rhinestone bra

Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2023 advertising campaign unveiled a brand new promotional image on Sunday, and Kim Kardashian was one of the models featured in the image.

Kim Kardashian's new Dolce & Gabbana ad features the reality star posing in a low-cut rhinestone bra

A new Dolce & Gabbana commercial photo shows Kim Kardashian wearing a low-cut rhinestone bra

The business owner, who had to cope with a stalker the previous week, had been featured in a number of pictures for the campaign in the past, and some of those shots were revealed earlier this week.

People published a news release about the campaign to provide more information on the products that were included in Kardashian‘s photographs.

The clothes that were worn in the photographs were referred to as “a singular reinterpretation of the Dolce & Gabbana 1990s and 2000s archives to which belong the same legendary garments that have so often inspired Kim throughout her life and career.”

While posing for the photo, the reality television star, who is 42 years old, displayed some of the newest products available from the premium brand while lying on a bed.

Wearing a shimmering rhinestone bra that exposed her top chest and leaving nothing to the imagination of her almost 350 million Instagram followers, Kardashian did not leave much to the imagination of her audience.

The social media personality completed her look with a necklace that matched her top and included a shimmering pendant depicting a religious symbol.

The creator of SKIMS complemented her outfit with a purse that drew attention to itself and provided a touch of extra shine to her ensemble.

Her vividly coloured blonde hair remained free-flowing and rested behind her shoulders during the shooting.

In addition, the release from the luxury brand expounded upon the ideas that are driving the new campaign.

A trip through Dolce & Gabbana’s most true DNA, in which new meanings meet the distinct characteristics that have created the history of the company, was how the campaign was summed up.

In the older photos from the campaign, Kardashian can be seen wearing a variety of various clothes. For example, in one shot, she is seen wearing figure-hugging pantyhose underneath a lace corset.


The reality television mainstay also sported a stunning silk outfit that notably showed off her voluptuous hips.

Although she appeared to be making the most of her time in front of the cameras for Dolce & Gabbana, Kardashian has also acted as one of the models for her shapewear line, SKIMS.

The businesswoman initially started her collection in 2019, and she has since adopted a hands-on approach to promoting her firm through participating in its promotional materials.

Recently, the reality television star was showcased in a series of photographs that were intended to promote the new swimsuit collection that was released by the firm.

In the photographs, the model showed off some of SKIMS’ latest items while spending time with a bunch of alien supermodels.

Over the extensive photoshoot, Kardashian modeled a number of different bikini tops and bottoms, in addition to other articles of swimwear.