Kelly Brook on Her Celebrity Style Icons & Her Top Fashion Tips


British beauty Kelly Brooke has spoken on her celebrity style icons. She has revealed that her favourite stars are the likes of Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian, women who dress up very glamorous and are always very styled on a daily basis. She explained:

”Women with that high glamour look. Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian are beautiful.”

Commenting on her top fashion tips, Kelly believes women need to pay close attention to their figures when getting dressed. She says that she used to make the mistake of just blindly following trends but she thinks dressing to suit her shape is much more important and thinks it even boosts confidence. She also believes everyone needs a few classic items in their wardrobe:

“Dress for your shape. It’s so important. When I was younger I dressed to follow trends but once you understand your shape and dressing to flatter it, rather than following what other people are doing, you will look and feel much more confident.¬†Classic, elegant pieces are a must. For me, flattering dresses and pencil skirts are my go-to because that’s what suits me. At the moment I also love my Woolrich navy raincoat – I love a classic coat!”

Speaking on what she sees in her future, Kelly says she is working on expanding and developing her clothing ranges and says she wants to also launch her first scent next year:

”I want to continue developing my fashion and beauty lines. With fragrance, I’d love to launch a summer scent next year.”