Kelly Brook calls herself a “exhibitionist” when she talks about how she used to run around naked

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Kelly Brook calls herself a "exhibitionist" when she talks about how she used to run around naked

Kelly Brook, host on Heart Radio and former model, admits she was “a bit of an exhibitionist” as a teenager and has stripped naked in front of her family.

Kelly Brook refers to her former, naturist lifestyle as “exhibitionist” behavior

The model and media personality, now 43 years old, and her co-host at Heart FM, JK, returned to the airwaves on Friday morning, February 24.

The topic of undress parties at home immediately became central to the discussion.

Kelly Brook has come clean about her habit of engaging in domestic nudity.

For example, Kelly may have asked JK, “Are you a naked household?”

As JK quickly retorted, “We’re definitely not a naked household.”

“I was always a bit of an exhibitionist at home. Especially when I was growing up.”

Kelly continued, leaving JK in fits of laughter,  “And there was one time I was only a teenager, I was definitely too old to be running around the house naked. I knew that.”

“So I thought I’d just wind my mum up. And I ran down and I went “Ooooh! Look at me! Look at me!’.

“I was fully naked and she was trying to push me outside and lock the door to teach me a lesson and I was trying to fight her off.”

Kelly continued. “It didn’t put me off, but yeah, we were, we weren’t really a naked household. I never got the memo.”

In a recent interview, the brunette bombshell admitted that as she gets older, she “loves her curves” more.

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After winning a beauty contest that her mother had entered her in when she was 16, she began a career as a model.

“I always say I should love my body now because it’s the body I’ll wish I had in ten years’ time.

“But it’s easy to think your body isn’t good enough and want to look different,” she told the tabloid.

Kelly said, “You always think that when you’re younger,” and added that she never felt confident even when she was “a lot slimmer.”

She opened up about how the “greatest aspect” of becoming older has been the disappearance of her self-consciousness about her figure.

Now, “You think outside yourself and are no longer as self-obsessed or self-focused,”  she said.

She went on to say that her “skinniest times were also her most miserable” and that she is now happier than ever because of her handsome hubby.

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