Katy Perry’s Makeup Artist Reveals Tour Makeup Inspiration


Katy Perry‘s makeup artist, Todd Delano, who has been involved creating Katy’s statement makeup looks for her Prismatic tour, has opened up on how they decide on her bold makeup choices. Todd explains that he works closely with Katy and they spend time gathering influences from a number of sources to gain inspiration for her unique makeup looks. He said:

“It’s very collaborative. Katy loves to have fun with her make-up, and she is always willing to experiment with new looks. We work together to create her beauty look. We’re inspired by Old Hollywood, Fashion Week trends, Tumblr, ’90s fashion spreads, and pop culture. There isn’t one source.”

Katy’s hair is always changing colours, but Todd says it doesn’t usually impact her makeup choices that much, although he does adjust the darkness of the brows to suit the shade she has at any given time:

“For the most part, the make-up doesn’t change that drastically with her hair colour. I will sometimes adjust the brows to be a bit lighter when I fill them in. It’s fun to play off the hair colour when picking lip and eye colours to draw the whole look together.”

Speaking on his personal favourite makeup look that Katy wears, he reveals that he likes simple skin but with a statement glittery eye:

“I love her looks that involve a classic winged liner and fresh, dewy skin, accented, of course, with prismatic glitter. She has a lot of wig and costume changes, so we wanted to make sure to complement all of the looks rather than compete.”