Kate Upton on Red Carpet Posing, Confidence & Grooming


American model Kate Upton has had her fair share of memorable red carpet moments and now she has opened up on how she feels about posing for photographers at big events. She admits that it can be a little tough and she says she used to do everything people asked her to do, but now she focuses on showing off her outfit the right way:

“I enjoy the red carpet for the first 10 minutes and then I’m like, ‘Alright….let’s go. Sometimes the photographers get really bossy, like ‘blow a kiss!’, ‘smile!’ and I think, ‘You don’t know Mr, you’re not a model! This outfit is meant to be fierce, it doesn’t go with smiling!’ When I first did red carpets, I used to listen and do what they said – but now I don’t.”

Kate’s top beauty secret is a simple one – to always wear a smile. The model reveals that her mother always told her to smile when she first enters a room and she tries to lift the mood where ever she goes because she thinks that’s the key to winning people over:

“My mother always taught me that smiling when you walk into a room is the best beauty secret, so if I’m nervous when I walk in I just smile, and I think everyone warms to you quicker that way. Sometimes people look stern when I come on set, just because they’re concentrating or getting ready for their day, but I’ll chat and smile and finally I break them down!”

Currently working closely with Gillette, Kate says that grooming is closely related to confidence and she thinks that it’s all about how a man acts when he walks in to a room:

“Being groomed is about confidence, and I’m always talking about women’s confidence but men’s confidence is important too. I don’t really have a dealbreaker in grooming, because I think if a man is confident and walks into the room that way, I just fall for it. Tom Ford is the perfect example of great grooming.”