Julianne Moore Honestly Speaks on Aging & Finding Roles Over 40


Julianne Moore doesn’t seem to give the typical answers in interviews that other female stars her age normally dish out. In her latest honest interview, she candidly speaks on aging, a topic which she calls boring. She thinks people are only afraid of the signs of aging because it’s a reminder that the person is getting closer to death and it looks like decay. Julianne thus believes that’s why wrinkles and anything else that looks “old” is so upsetting for people:

 “I just think that it’s boring! I don’t say that to you – I say that to everyone. Our fear of aging is really a fear of dying; aging is a physical manifestation of decay, and I think that is what’s so upsetting to most people.”

Speaking on trying to find roles now that she is over 40, she says that there are still parts available to her, and there are many interesting acting opportunities so she doesn’t feel held back by her age at all. However, she doesn’t like it when people try to push her in to a role and says she will find parts she likes for herself:

“I do think that there’s interesting stuff out there, and it’s not anybody’s job to find it for me but mine. You’re always responsible for trying to figure out what to do with your own career.”

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