Julianne Moore Won’t do Juice Diets or Noisy Workouts


Julianne Moore always looks gorgeous and doesn’t need to go to extreme lengths to look great. The actress has admitted that she did once try a juice cleanse but looking back, she realizes it was ridiculous and thinks it didn’t help her lose any weight either. Julianne laughed off the celebrity diet:

”I did a juice cleanse for the Golden Globes one year. I think I did it for three days. To be honest, the only weight I lost was in my brain!”

Speaking on her best beauty and fitness tips, Julianne thinks drinking water is very important, while she also does her best to cut back on sodium. She isn’t a fan of noisy workouts and prefers relaxing exercises such as yoga:

”Everyone says it, but I drink a lot of water. I also can really tell the next day when I eat too much sodium so I try to avoid it. I don’t like noisy workouts. I tried spinning and didn’t like it, it’s just too loud for me. I do better when I am working out in quiet, which is why I like yoga. I especially like classes that don’t have mirrors. It’s a time to let go and let your body drop into itself.”

Julianne’s mother always advised her to care for her fair skin and she has always worn sunscreen to protect it from a young age:

”I was lucky enough to have a very fair-skinned mother who instilled in me the importance of sunscreen. We wouldn’t go to the beach until after three o’clock and we would do things like walk on the shady side of the street to avoid the sun. People are so much careful now, but back then it was rather unusual.”