Joe Burrow discusses his conversations with Josh Allen following the Damar Hamlin tragedy

Following the terrifying incident in which Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field during Monday night’s game, the NFL superstar quarterbacks met as team captains.

Joe Burrow and Josh Allen both agreed that the game between their respective teams should be called off

Joe Burrow conversations with Josh Allen
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Although it was a crucial game ahead of the NFL playoffs, both teams stated that they did not want to play after the hit that caused Hamlin to collapse, with the two star quarterbacks coming together to help make the decision.

In one of the most terrifying moments ever witnessed on an NFL field, the two teams came together after Hamlin was transported to the hospital and agreed that they could not continue the game, suspending the match between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills.

Burrow stated to the media on Wednesday: “There’s been a lot of emotions, obviously it was very, very scary. There’s not been a lot of clarity, rumours and stuff going around – it’s been an emotional 48 hours, there’s not a lot of words you can say about what happened.

“We tried to do what we could, tried to give support, as much as you can in that situation. Nobody wanted to continue the game after that – we know how we would have felt if that was one of our guys and we felt the same with it being one of their guys.”

Burrow was asked if he spoke with Allen prior to the game’s suspension, and he said yes. “We didn’t want to go back out there and play the game, and neither did they, so the right decision was made,” he said.