Jennifer Lawrence Thinks She’s a Bad Actress


Jennifer Lawrence thinks she is a bad actress. She may already have won an Oscar previously and is currently nominated for another one but Jennifer thinks she is always just fooling everyone that she can act and is always surprised when critics are gushing about her performances because she doesn’t believe she deserves it. She comments that she thinks she has tricked people in to believing in her on screen:

 ”I always feel like I’m pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes about my acting. When I get good reviews I think ‘Alright – got away with another one.’ I watch my performance and I think, ‘Yeah, it’s sort of alright’ but then when I read the reviews I don’t quite get what the big deal is, I really don’t.”

Opening up on the year ahead, Jennifer says she would like to take 2014 at a slower pace to last year. She admits that although her success reached new heights last year, she felt it went past in a blur and she would enjoy some time off:

”2013 was kind of a blur for me. So much happened that was extremely good and extremely great. In 2014 I’d like a bit of a rest. I’d like to slow down. I’m hoping it will be a peaceful time.”

On her future, Jennifer says she is interesting in directing sometime:

“I would love to direct one day. My passion for directing happened at the same time as it did for acting on my first movie. But I don’t want to suck, so I wanna keep learning. And I’m learning from the best, fortunately, David O. Russell,”