In barely-there bikini, Viktoria Varga, the ‘world’s most beautiful woman’, sends fans into frenzy

Fans have flocked to Instagram to check out former Premier League player Wag’s barely-there bikini.

For years, she has wowed fans with swimsuit shots and her fine physique.

With 610,000 Instagram followers, Viktoria’s racy social media snaps are no stranger.


Pelle and Varga dated when the striker played for Feyenoord in 2012. The couple tied the knot last year in Italy.┬áVarga was dubbed “The world’s sexiest WAG” after the wedding.

After also enjoying a vacation in Marbella this summer, the 31-year-old Hungarian model has left her followers stunned once again.

A sensational snap of Viktoria in a pink bikini sat on a rock was captioned “Fairy dreams.”

As can be seen from the reaction to the photo, she had certainly made the dreams of some of her fans come true.

In barely-there bikini, Viktoria Varga, the 'world's most beautiful woman', sends fans into frenzy

One said, “You are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Another fan said: “You are like something from a fairy tale.”

A fellow fan added: “You look absolutely gorgeous in this photo.”

In another comment, someone stated: “The real dream is you, exceptional body and incredible charm.”

Another admirer echoed the sentiment, saying: “You are the real dream girl.”


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