In a new Instagram album, Kate Bosworth shows off her chiseled midriff and sculpted legs

A few pictures of her and her longtime health coach Steph Watson were included in her latest Instagram post.

In a new Instagram album, Kate Bosworth shows off her chiseled midriff and sculpted legs

Kate’s new Instagram post revealed how Steph keeps her physique taut.

Kate writes, ‘Steph creates a super simple plan for me that is custom to my body, my goals, and helps me establish sustainable, long term habits,’ .

‘She helps me navigate all my traveling in the summer with easy food choices and a wholesome, healthy nutritional plan. *(Steph has her masters in nutrition + advocates for long-term health and gut optimization).’

Kate explained : ‘Regardless of how busy I get with my chaotic schedule, she provides fun, short (but tough!) workouts to tone // sculpt in order for me to look and feel my best – no matter where I am in the world.’

To get the requisite body and learn to surf in just three weeks, Kate engaged in a punishing fitness regimen before Blue Crush.

‘Literally, that was the most intense physical experience I have ever gone through, not exaggerating. It was seven hours a day of sheer work out. [It] took four hours of surfing and an hour of weight training and an hour of either running the beach or running under the water with a rock as in the movie,’ she told

‘I remember at first being really gung ho. “Yes! I’m going to do this. I want a surfer’s body. I want to be able to be exactly like a female surfer. I’m not gonna be this little actress trying to be a surfer. I gonna be a surfer,”‘ she recalled.
‘Then like in the middle, my body was changing as well so it was really interesting, even the way I walked. It’s almost like assuming a character in a way. I was much more muscular,’ the Los Angeles native reflected.

‘Then by the end I was like: “Okay, ready to stop this now. It’s been enough.” It was really hard. Also because I was going on to Wonderland after that, and I was playing a drug addict, so I kind of had to lose that healthy glow, so to speak.’


About Kate Bosworth :

Catherine Anne Bosworth is an American actress. Following minor roles in the films The Horse Whisperer and Remember the Titans, she had a leading role in the box-office hit Blue Crush