Rita Ora strips down in the sauna and earns the title “queen of the gym” after a particularly strenuous workout

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The Hot Right Now singer left nothing to the imagination as she posed for photos following yet another intense exercise.

Rita Ora is called the “queen of the gym” as she strips down in the sauna after a particularly strenuous workout

The singer went all the way, so she changed into her birthday suit and sweat it out in the sauna.

Rita Ora, vocalist for the hit “Hot Right Now,” took off her clothes and went to the sauna after an intense workout.

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The top-charting artist took to Instagram to promote her new album, and her 16.1 million followers lost their minds as she posed for photos in a high-end sauna.

After a strenuous workout, Rita gathered her golden locks into a messy bun on top of her head, where they sat in lovely curls.

She opted for a natural face of makeup that highlighted her young beauty with thick, black mascara.

The singer also made sure to record her workouts, posting a series of photos and a video showing off her remarkable fitness routine.

She was wearing a mint-colored sports bra with her green unitard as she posed for the camera.

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She finished her outfit with a pair of trainers and a bright red pair of socks for her hour-long workout.

Her personal trainer beamed with satisfaction as she lifted a huge barbell by herself in one footage.

After a refreshing shower at the posh spa, the blonde bombshell stripped down to just a white T-shirt and matching underwear for the next photo.

At long last, weary after her training, Rita was discovered lying on the gym floor, pretending to sleep.

(Source: Instagram)

As her celebrity friends and devoted fans showered her with praise, she captioned the post: “They say to never skip… a leg day… they say [weightlifting emoji]”

“This is probably the best you’ve ever looked, Rita” (with three fire emojis), and one person said, “I’m already tired just from watching you workout” (skull emoji).

“Champion athlete! What is going on? The praising hands and heart emoticons mean, “You go, girl.”