How to Steal Boho-Inspired Coachella Festival Style

Coachella Music Festival has become known for its style over the years, with many attendees taking inspiration from the 60s/70s eras and dressing in vintage looking clothing for the festival – but it’s also about putting your own twist on the look and doing something different that is fun, original and stands out from the crowd. There are no rules and it’s a great time to experiment. There are many ways to channel this music festival look without looking like a fashion victim.

How to Steal Boho-Inspired Coachella Festival Style_1


Actress Kate Bosworth knows how to strike the right balance whenever she hits up the event – she wears light dresses (crochet and tie-dye are a nod to the boho vibe of the festival) or a simple embroidered shirt with denim cut-off shorts. Adding a pair of sunglasses, a small shoulder bag and cowboy inspired ankle boots, Kate’s relaxed look is timeless but mixes in elements of that vintage insspiration so often seen in the crowds.