How to Complete the BitLife Snake in the Grass Challenge

Get ready for another weekly BitLife challenge! This time, we’ll look at BitLife Snake in the Grass, a challenge that requires you to become a marriage counselor who convinces an ex to divorce their spouse! If you want to learn more, keep reading to find out how to complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the BitLife Snake in the Grass Challenge

BitLife Snake in the Grass

The four tasks you must complete to complete this challenge are as follows:

  • Be born a male
  • Become a marriage counselor
  • Make an ex divorce their spouse
  • Seduce a married coworker

Be born a male

The first task of the challenge is to be born as a male. Make sure to select male as your gender and any country of your choice when creating a new custom life.

Become a marriage counselor

Age up and keep your stats high until you graduate high school. When you go to university, major in psychology. Although a psychology degree is not necessary finish this task, it will help you narrow your options.

After graduating from university, go to the Occupation section and scroll down until you see Marriage Counselor. If you can’t find it, restart the BitLife app. Once you’ve found a job, apply for it and go through the interview process to become a marriage counselor!

Seduce a married coworker

As a marriage counselor, you’ll notice a new tab under Occupation that displays your job title. Choose it to see a list of your coworkers. Look for married employees by checking their Marital Status by selecting the “Ask Out” option from the Activities list. After you’ve chosen your target, begin showing interest in them by complimenting, gifting, and spending time with them. After you’ve gotten close, try to seduce and hook up with them by selecting the hook-up option from the activities menu.

Make an ex divorce their spouse

Finally, you must date someone, break up with them, and then wait for them to marry someone. The more exes you have, the more likely it is that you will find someone to marry in the future. When you find someone, give them gifts and talk to them to raise the bar in your relationship. When it’s full, call the person and attempt to rekindle your relationship. There’s a chance they’ll say yes, which will result in their divorce from their spouse.

After completing all four tasks, you will have completed the BitLife Snake in the Grass Challenge!