FIFA 23 – How to perform the dribbling trick

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A FIFA 23 dribbling trick will allow you to completely destroy your opponents with a quick movement that burns right past them.

FIFA 23 – How to perform the dribbling trick

From the ‘Lengthy’ exploit to simple tricks that allow you to score directly from corners, these minor advantages have allowed players to get the most out of their FIFA 23 experience.

FIFA 23 dribbling trick

Whereas holding Sprint allows you to rip past an opponent at breakneck speed, and the trick stick can be used to great effect if you have a 5* skiller, Agile Dribbling is an underutilized mechanic in this year’s game.

Simply flick the left stick in the direction you want to go while pressing R1 on the PlayStation, RB on the Xbox, or the appropriate button on other platforms to carry out this action. Your player will instantly shift the ball a yard in that direction, creating a space for you to pass, fly past an opponent, or get a shot off.

There aren’t many players using it because they’re too focused on the new Power Shot mechanic and making sure they don’t mess up the new Griddy celebration.

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