How to Complete the Robber Baron Triumph in Destiny 2

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We’re a few weeks into Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder, and many players are probably vying for the Scallywag seal and title. Robber Baron is probably the most difficult triumph, aside from the crafting one that can be completed with a bug. This article will show PC players how to complete the Robber Baron Triumph in Destiny 2.

How to Complete the Robber Baron Triumph in Destiny 2

Robber Baron Triumph in Destiny 2 1

Players must defeat 50 Ruffian enemies, which appear only during the Expedition activity, in order to complete Robber Baron Triump. The issue is that Ruffians only spawn at set intervals and despawn once a wave has been completed. And, because Expedition is always matchmaking, you can’t normally run the activity alone to ensure you take out the Ruffians. You may believe that you must work with a fireteam to achieve this victory, but there is another option.

One such solution is the Destiny 2 Solo Enabler, a small program that alters Windows firewall rules to stop Destiny 2 from matching players. The program is a simple on/off switch that has no effect or change in Destiny 2, only your computer’s firewall. That means you can activate it and effectively load into Expedition solo, allowing you to grind out those Ruffian kills for the Robber Baron triumph without having to worry about other players rushing ahead.

However, there are a couple of caveats. First and foremost, this is only available to PC players. PlayStation users have had some success in getting into the game solo by setting their clock ahead, though.

Second, even though the script the program runs has no effect on Destiny 2 and Bungie community managers claim that using the script is not currently a bannable offense, there is no assurance that Bungie won’t impose restrictions on it in the future. However, you shouldn’t encounter any issues if you avoid queuing in competitive games like Gambit or Crucible.

The Robber Baron triumph wouldn’t be a problem, for example, if Ruffians didn’t respawn, or if players were tasked with eliminating the jammers that appear and stop all activity until they are eliminated. As it stands, this triumph unfairly punishes solo players and any players who complete the Expedition activity efficiently, so I don’t mind using the Solo Enabler to rack up Ruffian kills. Let’s play the bad guys this Season of Plunder.