How to complete the Ollivander’s Heirloom quest in Hogwarts Legacy (Ravenclaw exclusive)

Hogwarts Legacy Ollivander’s Heirloom

With this guide, you can learn everything you need to know about completing Ollivander’s Heirloom, a quest that is only accessible to Ravenclaw students in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete the Ollivander’s Heirloom quest in Hogwarts Legacy

You will get a letter from Gerbold Ollivander asking you to come to his shop. Stop by Ollivander’s when you’re in Hogsmeade. He will then ask you to look into something for him. A long time ago, a worker at Ollivander’s is thought to have stolen an old wand with a fairy wing core. The only clue to its location are statues of Jackdaws that are hidden in the Owlery.

Floo to any of the Hogwarts Castle exits and follow the map marker to the Owlery. It’s an uphill climb, but if you stick to the path, you’ll get there.

The Owlery jackdaw puzzle

Once inside, cast Revelio to see a slew of doors with highlighted handles.

Hogwarts Legacy Ollivander’s Heirloom 1

Use Accio on all of them to find some gold and a Jackdaw statue. This room also contains a Field Guide page.

Once you’ve stripped every door in the room, climb the ladder to the next level. There will be more doors to rip off, as well as a flying Field Guide page and a statue to Levioso in order to obtain another Field Guide page. Accio this one to yourself to save time getting over to the other side.

Hogwarts Legacy Ollivander’s Heirloom 2

When you open the doors, statues will fall to the floor. Once all the doors are off, climb back down and pick up the statues from the floor.

Then you’ll see a shelf with a statue there. You have to interact with it several times to put each statue back inside. A cutscene will show your character being tossed by a whirlwind to the upper levels of the Owlery. After that, you meet Richard Jackdaw’s ghost in the… well, he’s not exactly made of flesh anymore.

The quest concludes with him asking you to meet him at the edge of the Forbidden Forest after he has explained himself. You’ll need the Disarming Charm to continue this quest chain, but you did get some gold and pages out of it.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Ollivander’s Heirloom quest in Hogwarts Legacy.