Hogwarts Legacy Guide – How to unlock the shutting doors in the Clock Tower

unlock Clock Tower doors

In this Hogwarts Legacy guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the shutting doors in the Clock Tower section of Hogwarts Castle.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide – How to unlock the shutting doors in the Clock Tower

Before you can open these doors, you must first master the Glacius spell. If you don’t already know how to cast this spell, simply complete the first set of Madam Kagawa’s assignments, and she’ll teach it to you as a reward.

Look at the sign on the door and the pendulum of the clock. There could be four different signs on the pendulum’s sliding path. When the pendulum reaches the sign corresponding to the door you’re attempting to open, quickly cast the Glacius spell to freeze it in place. After the pendulum is frozen, the bars will be removed, and you will be able to pass through the door.

unlock Clock Tower doors 1 Two collection chests and some loot will be awarded for unlocking the ground-level door.

Return to the courtyard of the clock tower and look to your right for two closed doors. Unlock the left one, climb the stairs, and exit through the first doorway. Proceed to the right until you reach the next barred door. Again, pay attention to the symbol and freeze the clock pendulum at the symbol’s place.

Return to the door to collect the loot, and make yourself invisible before entering the room, as the chest inside contains the eye.

Head back to the stairs and proceed to the next floor. The next barred chamber is just above the previous ones, but the door has a different sign on it. Use the same method to freeze the pendulum in place and reopen the door. This area contains some loot and one collectible chest.

Follow the steps below, and you’ll be able to open all three locked doors in the Clock Tower. If you’re curious about Hogwarts Legacy, here’s a guide that will show you exactly where to find every mount in the game.