Honkai: Star Rail Guide – How to unlock Stagnant Shadows

Honkai: Star Rail Stagnant Shadows

Honkai Star Rail contains a variety of challenges, one of which is Stagnant Shadows. This guide will explain what they are and how you can unlock them.

Honkai: Star Rail Guide – How to unlock Stagnant Shadows

The Stagnant Shadows serve as a sort of gauntlet, where you’ll be confronted by extremely powerful foes. However, it is a case of high risk, high reward. So, before you enter, make sure your party is well-equipped and prepared to fight.

Honkai Star Rail features nine unique Stagnant Shadows that must be vanquished. We’ve listed their spawn points and what they drop upon defeat below.

Stagnant Shadow Location Reward
Shape of Blaze Jarilo-VI – Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone Endotherm Chitin
Shape of Doom Xianzhou Loufu – Stargazer Navalia Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff
Shape of Fulmination Jarilo-VI – Corridor of Fading Echoes Lightning Crown of the Past Shadow
Shape of Gust Jarilo-VI – Rivet Town Storm Eye
Shape of Icicle Xianzhou Loufu – Cloudford Gelid Chitin
Shape of Mirage Jarilo-VI – Backwater Pass Golden Crown of the Past Shadow
Shape of Quanta Herta Space Station – Base Zone Void Cast Iron
Shape of Rime Jarilo-VI – Corridor of Fading Echoes Horn of Snow
Shape of Spike Jarilo-VI – The Great Mine Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf

Although the Stagnant Shadows can be found in all areas of Honkai: Star Rail, you won’t be able to take them on until you reach Trailblazer level 30, so you shouldn’t worry too much if you happen to miss them before then.

You’ll also need to complete the Trial of the Equilibrium: Part Two mission to raise your Equilibrium Level to 3. Once those conditions are met, you can confront the Stagnant Shadows. If you feel ready.

That concludes our guide to Stagnant Shadows in Honkai Star Rail.

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Developed and published by HoYoverse, Honkai: Star Rail is a free-to-play 3D role-playing video game. It’s the fourth entry in the Honkai series and features new characters as well as reimagined versions of those seen in Honkai Impact 3.