Honkai Star Rail Fu Xuan – Release Date, Abilities, Banner & Why You Should Pull For Her

honkai star rail fu xuan
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If you’re wondering what is the release date for Fu Xuan in Honkai Star Rail and whether it’s worth pulling for her, we’ve got you covered.

Honkai Star Rail Fu Xuan – Release Date

For those eagerly awaiting the Fu Xuan Banner in Honkai Star Rail, mark your calendars for September 20th, 2023, at 12 AM server time. Once the countdown hits zero, you’ll be ready to embark on your journey to obtain Fu Xuan.

Fu Xuan’s Skills and Abilities

Fu Xuan’s unique skills and abilities make her an intriguing addition to any team. Here’s a breakdown of her capabilities:

  • Skill – Poor View Formation: When all party members are alive, the damage received by all allies will be reduced by a certain percentage, with a maximum of four allies affected. Additionally, a percentage of all damage taken by party members other than Fu Xuan will be mitigated by her. This effect lasts for three turns.
  • Appraisal: When Fu Xuan takes damage while the Poor View Formation effect is active, she gains a stack of Appraisal. Each stack increases Fu Xuan’s Max HP by a certain percentage, lasting for two turns. This effect can stack up to a certain number of times.
Images via miHoYo
  • Ultimate: Fu Xuan’s ultimate deals Quantum DMG equal to a percentage of her ATK to all enemies and additional Quantum DMG equal to a percentage of her Max HP. It also resets the number of times Fu Xuan’s Talent has been triggered.
  • Talent: When Fu Xuan is capable of fighting, she grants the Avoid Misfortune effect to all party members, reducing all damage received by a certain percentage. Additionally, Fu Xuan gains a DMG Bonus based on the amount of HP she has lost, increasing her own DMG for every percentage of Max HP lost. This DMG Bonus has an upper limit. Furthermore, when Fu Xuan’s current HP falls to a certain percentage of her Max HP, she will regain HP by swapping the percentage of Max HP lost with the percentage of her current HP.

Fu Xuan’s Ascension and Level-Up Materials

To unleash Fu Xuan’s full potential, you’ll need to invest in her ascension and level-up materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ascension Level 1: Artifex’s Module (5), Credits (4,000)
  • Ascension Level 2: Artifex’s Cogwheel (15), Credits (8,000)
  • Ascension Level 3: Artifex’s Cogwheel (6), Nail of the Ape (3), Credits (16,000)
  • Ascension Level 4: Artifex’s Gyreheart (6), Nail of the Ape (7), Credits (40,000)
  • Ascension Level 5: Artifex’s Gyreheart (6), Nail of the Ape (20), Credits (80,000)
  • Ascension Level 6: Artifex’s Gyreheart (9), Nail of the Ape (35), Credits (160,000)

For leveling up Fu Xuan, you’ll need:

  • Credits: 3 million
  • Endurance of Bronze: 18
  • Artifex’s Module: 41
  • Oath of Steel: 69
  • Artifex’s Cogwheel: 56
  • Artifex’s Gyreheart: 58
  • Regret of Infinite Ochema: 12
  • Tracks of Destiny: 8
  • Safeguard of Amber: 38

Should You Pull for Fu Xuan?

Fu Xuan has earned a significant amount of hype as one of the best Preservation characters currently available. There are even videos circulating online that showcase her ability to solo sustain a team in the challenging Memory of Chaos Floor 10 without the need for a dedicated healer. If you don’t already have characters like Gepard or Luocha, Fu Xuan’s pull value becomes even more enticing, and it’s highly recommended that you try to obtain her.

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However, before you dive headfirst into pulling for Fu Xuan, it’s advisable to wait a few days after her banner drops. This will give you an opportunity to assess other players’ opinions on her performance, team synergy, and how she fits into the current meta. Patience can often be a wise strategy in gacha games.

As the Fu Xuan banner makes its highly-anticipated debut, Honkai Star Rail players have much to look forward to. Her unique skills, incredible damage mitigation, and solo-sustaining potential make her a sought-after addition to any team. Remember to weigh your options, gather information from fellow players, and decide whether Fu Xuan is the star you want to add to your Honkai Star Rail constellation.