Her natural tum is now on display in Bree Lenehan’s photos after she used to edit every image of herself

Bree Lenehan, an Australian social media star who claims to edit every photo of herself, finally embraced her natural curves.

The fitness enthusiast decided to flaunt how far she had come by showing off her natural tummy in gym wear. To prove her point, Bree shared two photos of herself wearing the same outfits side by side.

Her natural tum is now on display in Bree Lenehan's photos after she used to edit every image of herself
(Image: instagram.com/breeelenehan)

Bree captioned the post: “There is a past version of you that is so proud of how far you’ve come.

“I’m leaving this weekly dose of reality here for: 10-year-old Bree who looked at her body negatively for the first time. 18-year-old Bree who spent years yo-yo dieting and lacked the confidence to get a job, a licence or go out in public.

“21-year-old Bree who lost too much weight and still didn’t feel ‘small’ enough because she still had fat on her belly, cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin, belly rolls and always felt a need to edit every photo of herself.

“23-year-old Bree who compared herself to perfect photos of strangers on the internet and could only accept herself when she looked like the photos on the left, but not the right.

“27-year-old Bree (me today) who has spent years unlearning negative self-talk and knows now that she always has been enough.”

(Image: instagram.com/breeelenehan)

In addition, “My future children, who will grow up hearing their mum speak kindly toward herself and others… and be encouraged to do the same.

“For those who come to this safe corner of the internet, to know that you are not alone and are sooo much more than a body.

“And I’m doing this for every version of myself to come… The pregnant me, the postpartum me, the me that is a busy mum, the 70-year-old me and the me that I’ll leave behind in this world.”
Bree concluded by saying: “This body is ever-changing. I won’t subject myself to a lifetime of self-loathing or hiding myself… I am learning every day to accept myself, for every version of me to come.

“Whenever you have a day of struggle, a moment where you feel you might relapse into old negative habits/thoughts/actions… Think about the bigger picture and who you’re doing this for. You’ve got this.”

(Image: instagram.com/breeelenehan)

Many fans took to social media to show their appreciation for Bree’s inspiring post, gushing: “You have no idea how much your posts mean to me.”

“Thank you for being so kind to yourself and me,” said another.

While a third chimed in: “So glad I found your account.”

(Image: instagram.com/breeelenehan)

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