Isabelle Morris, a fitness model, takes pictures of her body a few seconds apart to show how it changes when she breathes in and out

A fitness babe flaunted her natural tum and revealed how people “breathe in” to get the perfect picture.

Fitness babe Isabelle Morris takes pics seconds apart to show how body looks breathing in and out

Isabelle Morris, AKA Fitness for Lazy Girls to her 77,000 Instagram followers, is known for sharing fitness advice online.

She recently exposed the tricks people use on social media to make their tummies look leaner.

She posted two pictures of herself side-by-side wearing gym pants and a sports bra.

While one showed her breathing in and looking super tall and lean, the other showed her standing naturally and exposing her relaxed tummy.


“Both of the photos here are real and are me, but the photo on the left consisted of me flexing as hard as I could, and not breathing to get the perfect shot.”

“The photo on the right is after taking a deep breath and relaxing 5 seconds later, and a lot closer to what I usually look like 99% of the time.”

Writing on Instagram, Isabelle said: “Social media is a highlight reel and, for the most part, that makes sense!”

Isabelle shared the post to remind people that social media is just a “highlight reel”, which is why you don’t always see what’s really going on behind the scenes.

“I like to flex and showcase my progress as much as the next girl.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off what you’ve worked hard for!

“BUT, as a viewer, we should always be wary of what we see online, because it’s not the whole story!”

“Don’t compare your relaxed body to a picture on social media that required great lighting, serious flexing and little to no breathing. You’re doing great!”


Since she shared the pictures, many people have thanked her for keeping it real on Instagram.

More than 1,300 people have liked the post – and people praised her in the comments too.

They were quick to thank her for drawing attention to how misleading social media can be.

“The exhale is so real. I love how you worded this.”

“Thank you so much for posting these. It’s so helpful.”

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