‘My tummy is so round’ | Stunning gymer Bree Lenehan, who was labeled flabby and round, now proudly displays her flaws

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This week, body positive advocate Bree Lenehan posted on Instagram about learning to accept your “flaws.” She described herself as “flabby” and “round.”

Bree Lenehan, who was labeled “flabby” and “round,” now proudly displays her “flaws”

'My tummy is so round' | Stunning gymer Bree Lenehan, who was labeled flabby and round, now proudly displays her flaws
(Image: breeelenehan/Instagram)

Bree Lenehan, an Instagram influencer, is recognized for posting body positive material with her 776,000 followers.

And this week, the Australian social media celebrity opted to focus on learning to embrace your ‘flaws’.

The 26-year-old admitted to followers that she used to be self-conscious about her “flabby arms” and “round tummy.”

(Image: breeelenehan/Instagram)

She claims to be at peace with her ‘imperfections’ now.

Bree posted a series of photos of herself in gym gear, revealing her ‘flaws’ in relaxed poses.

These were posed side by side and compared to prepared images – the view she claims people ‘expect’.

Bree captioned the post with: “Negative thoughts come in like a storm and cloud your perspective so that you see only what you’ve told yourself there is to see:

“’I’m not good enough’, ‘I have flabby arms’, ‘My tummy is so round’, ‘She’s so much better than me’.

“I can relate to that feeling. Honestly, if the old me saw the photos on the right, she would’ve pointed out all of her ‘imperfections’ and let it ruin her entire day.”

She added: “Now? I feel just as good when I see those photos as I do the ‘posed” ones’.

(Image: breeelenehan/Instagram)

“When I look at any photo of myself now, my mind consciously seeks the good: “Wow, I look so happy, “I’m so proud of myself”, “I accept all that I am”, “That was a happy moment, who cares how I looked while I was in it and enjoying it?”

Bree continued: “So while you may not see it now & the idea of being happy in your skin seems like a faraway dream, I guarantee that if you saw yourself through loving eyes, in time, you’d be able to see how fabulous you are — both on the inside and the outside.

“Challenge for you: be more aware of the way you speak to yourself this week. Small changes like positive, uplifting, nonjudgmental thoughts go a long way.”

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