Gwen Stefani Wraps Up in a Cozy Blanket Coat in London


Gwen Stefani was spotted out and about in London, stepping out of her UK abode in a stylish long patterned blanket coat which she wore over a grey panel jumpsuit. She completed the look with towering black leather peep-toe ankle boots, red lipstick and a casual bun in her hair. Gwen’s style is always effortlessly, unique and incredibly fashion-forward and she does it again with this well pieced together look. The coat on its own makes a dramatic silhouette that stands out, while her jumpsuit choice adds further to this creative ensemble. Gwen’s style has matured and refined to the point of perfection and she rarely gets it wrong these days.

Gwen’s look is iconic – from the red lipstick and platinum hair to the punk inspired look she regularly rocks with her own personal twist, Stefani has mastered her own personal style and continues to impress each time she steps out. She still boldly changes it up and takes risks, but always in a way she knows will work – it must have come from years of experience or just a garnered knowledge of her own personal tastes. Gwen nails this look without even trying, flawlessly piecing together a look that is completely her own and never to be repeated by anyone else – a brilliant combination!