Gwen Stefani Speaks on Crazy Pregnancy Tour & Hectic Lifestyle


Gwen Stefani has a crazy work schedule all of the time, but it’s nothing compared to the time she toured when pregnant. Gwen was expecting her first son Kingston and she kept performing until she was half way through the pregnancy. She found it hellish – she often wanted to vomit on stage, certain outfits would make her feel bad but she just kept going, even after he was born she worked hard:

“I did my first solo record and went on tour while I was pregnant. I would want to throw up during certain songs. Certain outfits would make me sick. It was torture. I toured until I was four and a half months pregnant, showing. I came home and had Kingston, and when he was eight months old, I went back on the road. I nursed him for fourteen months, so I would literally do my hair and makeup, go back to the bus, nurse him, put him down, and walk out onstage. And I did that for 100 shows.”

Commenting on her new record ‘Push & Shove’, Gwen says that it’s about balancing motherhood with her personal side and allowing both parts to have some time out in the open because at the beginning she couldn’t figure out how to make it work:

“I think a lot of what I was going through on the rec­ord was wanting to be who I’ve always been, but now I’m somebody different. I am a mother. And if you don’t do it right, there are serious consequences. That’s what this whole record was: trying to balance it, trying to be my creative self but also be the new me. I felt so guilty. I am letting everyone down in the studio right now; I’m letting down my kids; I’m letting down myself. Because time was so precious. So I didn’t know what the album’s tone would end up being in that kind of state, but it’s really upbeat considering.”