GTA 6 Leak Confirmed : The Names, Location And Time Period Of The Sequel’s Leads

GTA 6 Leak Confirmed : The Names, Location And Time Period Of The Sequel's Leads

A user on the GTA forums leaked 90 pre-alpha footage videos from GTA 6 into a single 3GB file, causing Twitter to explode with excitement at the prospect of a new GTA game.

Many aspects of the game were covered in these leaks, including a female lead, Vice City confirmed among the game’s locations, and the game more generally.

Bonnie & Clyde Inspired Campaign set in Vice City?

There is almost no doubt at this point that GTA 6 takes place in Vice City. Not only do many of the background locations certainly resemble Vice City (palm trees, beaches, etc.), but at one point we see a character board a “Vice City Metro” train.

GTA 6 may include an overhauled inventory system

Inventory appears on both sides of the game’s UI, listing both a “Duffel Bag” and a “Loot Bag”. It appears that players can quickly move through inventory using the D-pad on their controller, which will bring it in line with how similar systems work in many other games, and that weapons will be more or less available in the same place as consumables such as medical supplies.

GTA 6 Leaks confirmed to be real footage

Notable tech and video game journalist Jason Schrier tweeted a confirmation that the massive GTA VI leak is, in fact, real. He also refers to it as “one of the biggest leaks in video game history.”

Finally, these leaks seem to confirm that GTA 6 will not only feature multiple playable protagonists, but will even offer a playable female lead. Various leaked media shows the player independently controlling a female character identified as Lucia and a male character named Jason.



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