Genshin Impact Wanderer Best Build Theories: Artifacts, Talent Focus and Weapons

Wanderer is finally available, and here’s the best build for him in Genshin Impact, including Artifacts, Talent Focus, and Weapons.

Genshin Impact Wanderer Best Build – Weapons

Genshin Impact Wanderer Best BuildWanderer arrived with his signature weapon, Tulaytullah’s Remembrance, a five-star Catalyst with 674 Attack and 44.1% CRIT DMG at Level 90. This weapon will be based on Crit Damage and will have the unique passive of increasing attack speed while also increasing normal attack damage by using the Elemental Skill and increasing it even more when normal attacks hit enemies. It resets when you trade out a character in your party, but it’s useful for when you’re relying on a selfish DPS on the field.

If you prefer to use a more practical option that you already have, Widsith is also a useful weapon. All characters, especially Dendro and Anemo, can be praised by this catalyst. It boosts attack power, elemental mastery, and elemental damage. Not all at once, but it’s still a simple piece to build whether at refinement one or refinement five, and it’s a great catalyst to put on any DPS catalyst.

Other options include the Blackcliff Agate, which can be purchased in the shop for 24 Starglitter. The weapon in the shop during his banner wouldn’t be bad either. The Royal Grimoire is a catalyst that deals Attack damage while also increasing Crit Rate through passive abilities. It’s a good DPS catalyst because it’s easier to obtain than most five-stars.

The Frostbearer is one of the weapons that can be built or obtained easily in the game. It runs on Attack damage and deals additional physical damage based on the Wanderer’s overall attack. Equipping Eye of Perception transforms the Wanderer back into the Electro catalyst we all expected him to be, while also allowing him to run on attack and deal extra lightning damage.

Artifact Sets and Stats

The Wanderer’s new artifact will make its debut alongside him. For a limited time, Desert Pavilion Chronicle adds a 15% Anemo Damage bonus and a 10% increase in Attack Speed with a 40% increase in Attack Damage.

Wanderer can deal insane amounts of damage through mostly Anemo, so you’ll want to collect enough artifacts to represent two or three great pieces of Viridescent Venerner while focusing your other two artifacts on Attack. This can appear in a variety of artifacts, such as Gladiator or Shimenawa’s Reminiscence. Perhaps you can experiment with Noblesse Oblige’s Elemental Burst Damage. However, because Wanderer is a fairly adaptable DPS, you have a lot of leeway in shaping his kit to suit your needs.

For his Sands, you should prioritize Attack Percentage as his main stat and Attack, Critical Damage, and Critical Rate as secondary stats. For Goblet, find the best Anemo Damage Bonus gift for him to maximize his damage. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between Critical Rate and Critical His Damage for his crown. This corresponds to the weapon you have equipped on him or the sub-stats of his artifact. We recommend getting a Crit Damage crown. When you get so many hits from your attacks, you might as well invest in Crit Damage because one of them will eventually Crit.

Focus Talents

You should level as many talents as possible, with a primary focus on Normal Attack and Elemental Skill. These are your primary sources of damage. This isn’t to say that increasing the Elemental Burst Branch doesn’t provide good damage, but if you prefer to be frugal with your resources, the Normal Attack and Skill will be your best bet.