Genshin Impact Guide – How to get Toukabou Shigure and is it worth to use ?

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This guide will help you in obtaining Toukabou Shigure in Genshin Impact, a 4-start umbrella sword from the Akitsu Kimodameshi Event.

Genshin Impact Guide – How to get the Toukabou Shigure

To obtain this weapon, you must participate in the Leisurely Pastime activity, which becomes available after completing the introductory quest. This includes a minigame in which balls move from one end of the arena to the other, breaking any blocks that are hit. To make the balls bounce back, you’ll need to move your bar from side to side. The more blocks you break, the higher your score.Genshin Impact Toukabou ShigureNaturally, it has a Genshin twist based on elements. When a ball hits with a block containing a specific element, a reaction occurs. Similarly, you can do so by switching to different characters and reapplying a different element.
In any case, finishing the first challenge, Crunchy Sakura Mochi, unlocks the Toukabou Shigure in Genshin Impact. To claim it, simply go to the relevant page in the event panel.

It’s worth noting that, in addition to Leisurely Pastime challenges, there are Shatterdark battles. Consider these to be boss battles in which the balls must hit a target in order to continue damaging it. Obtaining high scores in both types of activities grants you the Courage Test Ticket currency. This can be used to purchase Parasol Talcum, the weapon’s refinement material, from the event shop.

Is Toukabou Shigure worth to use ?

The following are the weapon stats and perks:

  • Sub-stat: Elemental Mastery; around 165 EM at level 90.
  • Perk: Kaidan Rainfall Earthbinder – Inflicts the Cursed Parasol debuff on a single enemy that you hit; lasts for 10 seconds. The wielder does 16% more damage to the afflicted foe. If it dies within 10 seconds, then the duration is refreshed automatically.

The only requirement for a character to be able to equip Toukabou Shigure in Genshin Impact is to be a sword-wielder. It is, however, a more effective weapon when wielded by an Elemental Mastery stat-focused character. As a result, Kaedehara Kazuha is currently the best character to equip Toukabou Shigure. Meanwhile, one of Kuki’s passives increases her skill’s healing and damage based on her Elemental Mastery. And, as for Nilou, the damage of subsequent Bloom-related reactions will be based on her Elemental Mastery stat if she’s the one to trigger them.Take note, however, that the weapon’s perk only affects one target at a time. Similarly, it implies that the character must be present on the field in order to maximize the damage dealt and thus kill the enemy. This allows the buff to be refreshed and reapplied to a different enemy. As a result, another free-to-play weapon like Iron Sting, which has Elemental Mastery as a sub-stat and increases all elemental damage done, may be more viable for AoE situations.